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WWE RAW was broadcast live from Tropicana Field’s Thunderdome. It was the first episode of RAW Follow WWE TLC.. Drew McIntyre, Sheamus and Keith Lee fought Mizu, John Morrison and AJ Style in a holiday street fight at this week’s main event.

WWE RAW Results (12/21)

  1. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszlerdef.Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke
  2. Angel Garza def.Drew Gulak
  3. T-bar definition ricochet
  4. Hurt the business differential.Riddle & Jeff Hardy
  5. Chad Railcar def.Gran metallic
  6. Charlotte Flair and Asukadef.Submitted by Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans
  7. Drew McIntyre, Keith Lee, Sheamus def.Mizu, John Morrison, AJ Style at Holiday Street Fight

Here are some of the highlights of this week’s show:

Charlotte Flair and Asuka / Jacks and Basler continue

Women’s Tag Team Champion Charlotte Flair has started this week’s show. Charlotte Flair and Asuka won the tag title last night at TLC, beating Near Jacks and Sheena Basler. Charlotte asked what would happen to Thunderdome without the Queen.

Flair introduced Asuka, and the WWE RAW Women’s Championship made her way into the ring. Asuka said tomorrow’s Empress is today’s double champion. Asuka added that Nia and Sheena were definitely not ready for Charlotte Flair.


Charlotte was trying to launch the Raw Women’s Championship, but Sheena and Nia were interrupted. Jacks joked that apparently six months later he didn’t cure Charlotte’s robot’s voice.

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke attended the party and made fun of Near & Sheena, who lost the title last night. Brooke and Mandy then fought Near Jacks and Sheena in the first match of the night.

Basler and Mandy Rose started the match when Charlotte Flair and Asuka joined the commentary. Rose booted with Shaina facing her face and aimed at the cover, but Basler kicked out at 2 o’clock.

Dana Brooke tagged and connected to Suplex. Nia tagged and hit Dana with a splash in the corner. Jax chased it with a headbutt and then fired Dana across the ring.

Dana tied her face with her elbows and followed up with Harikan Lana. Mandy re-tagged and knocked Nia out of the ring. Rose and Brooke struck Sheena and Nia with a crossbody from the apron and posed in front of the women’s tag team champion. Nia quickly stood up and launched Mandy into a barricade.

When RAW returned, Nia leveled Mandy with a clothesline and tagged Basler. Sheena slammed Rose against the canvas and applied a heel hook. Nia tagged and stomped on Mandy’s knees before sending him to the corner of the ring.

Mandy tried to fight back, but Nia connected to another clothesline. Jacks went to Leg Drop, but Rose didn’t get in the way. Shayna tagged and Rose greeted her in Suplex. Dana tagged and connected to Senton from the top rope and went to the cover, but Nia dragged her out of the ring.

Rose knelt on the apron’s face and hit near when Sheena connected to Dana Ashbrook’s backbreaker. Basler tried to trample Dana’s arm, but slammed her against the turnbuckle. Sheena counterattacked and applied Kirifuda Clutch to the submission victory.

After the match, Nia and Sheena started trash talk with Charlotte and Asuka. Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke attacked Jacks and Basler and knocked them out of the ring.

The injured business got another victory

Hurt Business came to the ring to celebrate Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin, who won the RAW Tag Team Championship at WWE TLC last night. MVP said the VIP lounge is for people who are better than you.

US champion Bobby Lashley said Cedric and Shelton have proven their dominance and no living man can beat him in the US title. The MVP invited photographers to say that Hurt Business, disguised as 24/7 champion R-Truth, appeared behind them. The superstar chased Riddle and Jeff Hardy before they interrupted.

Riddle said the Heart Business is doing it all wrong and spending a lot of money on champagne. Riddle suggested that we should toast and watch Joe Rogan’s podcast. Jeff Hardy said he needed to rely on their faith to defeat MVP and Bobby Lashley later tonight.

Lashley defeated Riddle in the corner to start the match. The MVP will tag it, defeat Riddle a little more, and then tag Lashley again. Hardy tagged it and connected it to his face with his elbows. Hardy hit Whisper in the Wind and was in control of “Hardy Brothers” when RAW broke.

When RAW returned, Jeff Hardy climbed the top rope, but Lashley knocked him on the steel stairs outside the ring. As Alexander and Benjamin cheered him from the ringside, the MVP continued to tag and beat Hardy.

MVP connected to Ballin’Elbow with 2 counts. Riddle tagged and hit the MVP with Broton and followed up with Fisherman’s Suplex. Riddle went to the cover, but Lashley broke it. Lashley is tagged and connected to Flatliner. Hardy went to the Twist of Fate, but Lashley countered Heartlock for Pinfall’s victory.

Angel Garza easily defeated Drew Gulak

Drew Gulak played RAW against Angel Garza tonight. Before the match, Garza flirted with Sarash River behind the scenes. Gluck threw his pants at Gluck’s face, hit him with a few punches, and began the action. The angel applied an abdominal stretch, but Grak escaped. Garza connected to a 2-count arm drag. Angel followed it up with a wing clipper for Pinfall’s victory.

Mizu apologizes for AJ style

Mr Mizu said last night that he failed to cash the MITB contract and apologized to his family. After that, Ms. and Morrison welcomed AJ Styles to the ring. Mizu said he took advantage of the opportunity last night, and Styles called him the biggest idiot on the planet.

Styles claimed that Mizu had sacrificed the WWE Championship at TLC last night. Mizu was angry and shouted that the contract was everything and no one respected him. Ms. added that if he cashed in and won the WWE Championship, everyone would respect him and take RAW to new heights.

Mizu apologized to Styles and said he had blown it away. Mizu said he would like to give Styles the opportunity to co-star in the upcoming The Marine. Miz said he deserved the contract because John Morrison gave the referee a contract.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre said he had suspended and celebrated with Keith Lee and Sheamus after the match. After that, McIntyre, Sheamus, and Keith Lee read “Nightmare after TLC” to make fun of Styles and Ms. who lost last night.

Sheamus was trying to brogue kick Mizu, but AJ dropped kick Keithley and he fell to Sheamus. Sheamus shouted to Keith Lee that he was trying to steal his moment to end the segment. Lee, Sheamus and McIntyre will face The Miz, Morrison and Styles in a holiday street fight late tonight.

T-bar defeat Ricochet

Ricochet played RAW against T-Bar tonight. Retaliation was the ringside of the match. The T-Bar dominated the early horizontal Ricochet with a clothesline. Mace distracted Ricochet and T-bar with boots on her face. Mustafa Ali called the ricochet a fool and said he belonged to them. Ricochet hit Ali’s face and T-Bar used the slam to win Pinfall.


Dominated by Jaxson Ryker

Elias said 2020 was a whirlwind after being hit by a car and being electrocuted. Elias claims that his music is life-changing, and Chadson Riker was reborn at Universal Truth. After that, Riker crushed Gran Metalik.

Alexis Bliss Warning Randy Orton

Randy Orton came down to the ring and started the third hour of WWE Raw. Orton defeated Fiend in a firefly Inferno match last night and set it on fire. Orton said he proved how demented he was when he burned the devil alive last night. Randy said he had no regrets and knelt in the middle of the ring. Orton said this was where this happened and he could smell the stench of burning meat.

Orton claimed he didn’t sleep last night because the voice in his head was gone. Randy laughed and said that the only sound he could hear was the devil, gasping the air. Orton added that the devil had left and he was the evil son of the bitch who took him out.

The lights went out and Alexis Bliss appeared on the swing in the middle of the ring. Bliss said the devil was at home, but when he left home, he might come to Alexa’s playground. It will be something you have never seen before.

Charlotte & Asuka defeat Evans & Royce

Charlotte Flair and Asuka fought Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce tonight. Asuka headed for Asuka Rock, but Royce escaped. Shayna and Nia were shown watching the match behind the scenes as RAW entered a commercial break. When RAW returned, Asuka was still isolated in the ring and Evans hit her with an elbow drop.

Lois and Lacy began a dispute, and Asuka slowly turned the corner. Asuka connected with Suplex in Germany and was finally able to tag with Charlotte. Asuka took Lacy out of the ring when Peyton rolled up Flare by two counts. Charlotte was soon trapped in Figure 4 and bridged Figure 8 for a victory in the submission.

Sheamus attacks Keith Lee

Drew McIntyre, Sheamus and Keith Lee faced The Miz, John Morrison and AJ Style in a Holiday Street Fight at this week’s main event.

Mizu and Sheamus have begun to act. Morrison hit Sheamus with a cheap shot, then style-tagged. Sheamus leveled the style with a clothesline and was tagged as a WWE Champion.

Morrison tagged and targeted McIntyre’s injured knee. McIntyre attacked Morrison with a Glasgow kiss and tagged Keith Lee. Keith and McIntyre launched Morrison over the ring and sent AJ out. Sheamus and Keith Lee started discussions again and exchanged chops. McIntyre disbanded it and said it had to go on the same page that RAW would go into the commercial.

When RAW returned, Sheamus had a style in headlock. AJ escaped and was tagged with Morrison. Sheamus slammed Morrison on the canvas and headed for the top rope. Morrison jumped up and pushed Sheamus from the ringside of the table. Returning to the ring, Morrison went to pick up the cover, but the Celtic warrior kicked out at 2 o’clock.

Mizu tagged and trampled Sheamus in the corner of the ring. Mizu planted Sheamus with 2 counts of DDT. Sheamus connected to white noise and was tagged with Macintosh. Drew threw Mizu at the other side of the ring and planted Alabama slums in Morrison.

McIntyre participated in Future Shock DDT, but Mizu kicked his knees and caught him. Drew shrugged and hit the spine buster to get the cover, but Styles broke it. Keith Lee leveled the AJ style and turned from Morrison to Enjiguri. AJ Styles brought a candy cane kendo stick and hit McIntyre with his knees.

Drew McIntyre took the style off the ring and power bombed him through the table. When McIntyre prepared for Claymore, Sheamus and Morrison defeated each other in hell with a kendo stick. Sheamus tagged herself, and Keith Lee did the same. Morrison escaped out of the ring into Omos’s arm, but Omos slammed him through the table. Keith Lee then planted Mizu with Spirit Bomb for the victory of Pinfall. After the match, Sheamus leveled Keithley with a brogue kick. McIntyre appeared on Sheamus’ face and shouted at him when RAW was aired.

opinion: WWE TLC was a very interesting show, but unfortunately the RAW episodes weren’t enough. Almost all of the first two hours of the show have leveled off. The most interesting part of the night was Bliss returning to the “Alexa Playground” segment.

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Alexa Bliss confronts Orton, TLC fallout Alexa Bliss confronts Orton, TLC fallout

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