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Alexa Bliss returned to WWE Raw at this week’s show, revealing what WWE calls an unforgettable edition of her “A Moment of Bliss” segment. In the setup, Bliss swung on a swing and other toys were in the ring. She calls it “Alexa’s Playground” and seems to have been built for her by the “devil” Bray Wyatt.

The segment began with Randy Orton coming to the ring and discussing his firefly Inferno’s victory over Zafield at WWE TLC Pay-Per-View on Sunday. Orton continued on Sunday enjoying the burning of the fiend in the middle of the ring every second, and noticed that the stench of burning meat of the fiend still remained in the middle of the ring. Orton also talked about how the voice in his head disappeared, and the only thing he hears in his head is his last as the fire gets hotter and the flame gets higher. It’s about being out of breath while gasping. After that, Orton declared that the devil was gone, and the devil was gone. Fans booed Orton’s promotion until the lights began to go out in the arena.

When the red-purple light turned on the ring, Orton rolled to the floor in preparation for the battle. There was also some protracted fog when Bliss appeared on her swing. She asked if Orton was expecting someone else and said that “he” created this playground for her. She could be in a tanning salon because the devil is a little pale, or she could be on the beach, but she could be in her favorite restaurant, avoiding tanning or enjoying a barbecue. Joke. She went on to say that when Orton set him on fire, it seemed like the devil was crazy about Matt. She also said “he” is at home now, but when he leaves home, he may come to Alexa’s playground. When he appears, it will be something you have never seen before. When Bliss stares at Orton, it’s when the lights return to black. The lights were back and there were no signs of bliss or Orton.

It seemed that Bliss was making fun of another big change and return for Fiend. This also applies to post-TLC tweets posted by Wyatt. With this link..

It hasn’t yet been announced what WWE is planning for Wyatt, Bliss and Orton, but Bliss seems to have returned from a recent vacation. With this link..

Below are some shots from a RAW segment using Bliss and Orton.

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Alexa Bliss suggests a change in The Fiend in Raw return Alexa Bliss suggests a change in The Fiend in Raw return

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