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After a violent attack on Maycee Barber, Alexa Grasso is still motivated to climb the flyweight ladder.

UFC President Once Praised “Mexico’s Ronda Rousey” Dana White, Grasso experienced some growth pain within the tissue. But what about the flyweight if you fight in promotions after 2016? During her tenure at the UFC, she alternated between winning and losing, but losing was an elite competition. Alexa Grasso knew that adjustments were unavoidable after being squeezed naked by Tatiana Suarez, the prospect of blue chips, but moving camps and changing identities within the promotion. There wasn’t.

“I was always a quiet person,” said Grasso. MMA Fighting.. “The UFC is a huge network that we have to use to show our lives and sports to the world. I’m getting a spot in every fight. It’s great to be known for my fighting style. “

Alexa Grasso wants the next top 10 opponent

Recently, the Mexican flyweight has turned a corner. Especially shown in her performance against Karolina Kowalkievic. Despite being defeated by a majority vote very close to former champion Carla Esparza, it was clear that Alexa Grasso had improved dramatically. Then she continued to prove it when she set up a boxing clinic against the rising Bruiser, a barber. After the fight, Grasso was more motivated than ever to raise his flyweight ranking.

“I’m currently ranked 10th, so anyone in the top of my ranking would be fine,” said Grasso.

Two consecutive wins sports and after her Great performance on UFC 258Alexa Grasso is lined up for her next major battle. Not only that, her striking and fighting evolution continues to skyrocket, making the flyweight division one of the most exciting in the UFC.

Let us know on MMA News who wants to see Alexa Grasso’s face in the next octagon!

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Alexa Grasso enthusiastically motivated after Maycee Barber’s victory Alexa Grasso enthusiastically motivated after Maycee Barber’s victory

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