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Las Vegas, Nevada-March 6: (RL) Brazil’s Thiago Santos fights Austria’s Alexander Rakić in a light heavyweight battle at the UFC259 event at UFCAPEX on March 6, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kick with. (Photo courtesy of Jeff Bottari / Zuffa LLC)

Alexander Rakicchi And Thiago Santos Tonight, he kicked off an incredible UFC259 card in a light heavyweight clash that ranked in the top five.You can follow all the results correctly Here.. As long as the qualifying was actually done, it was a great night.

Alexander Rakicchi decides Thiago Silva at UFC259

Thiago Santos Participated in a battle ranked second in the UFC’s £ 205 category. Alexander Rakicchi I ranked in 4th place. Most people felt that this fight would not require a judge, as they were both aggressive strikers and people were expecting a knockout. Well, it never came.

During the three rounds, two sluggers stood up and exchanged shots. It was sometimes slow and enchanting, and despite most believing that starting PPV was a great fight, it failed to achieve a great deal of compelling action. In the end, Rakitch did enough to get a unanimous decision. Santos seemed upset, but he didn’t do enough to push forward and win the battle.

You need to wonder if the win was enough to get a title shot to Rakitch against the winner of tonight’s main event contest Jan Blawowic And Israel Adesanya.. After the battle, Rakitch said: “I had no way to lose this fight. I worked hard. I’m sorry I couldn’t (show).” “Thiago is a big hammer. He shoots wild and wild punches. The game plan is It was to keep a distance and hurt my legs and knees. “

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Alexander Rakić defeats Thiago Santos with UFC 259 decision Alexander Rakić defeats Thiago Santos with UFC 259 decision

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