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Alexander Rakicchi With an overwhelming performance on March 6, he is confident that he will emerge as the No. 1 candidate for £ 205.

Rakić (13-2 MMA, 5-1 UFC) plays against former title challenger Thiago Santos (21-8 MMA, 13-7 UFC) UFC 259Will be held at UFC Apex in Las Vegas.

With both men winning most of the fight in the knockout, Rakitch expects a tough fight and hopes to jump over all light heavyweight candidates in a powerful show against Santos.

“I’m going to prepare for the war, and Chiago is going to prepare for the war,” Rakić told MMA Junkie. “I want this title shot, and I hope this belt is so bad. I promised one of my friends who died a few days ago, promised his family to beat Chiago, and gave him the title. I promised to win. This gives me a lot of motivation. “

After breaking the ranks, including the finish of current UFC light heavyweight champion Jan Blawowic, Santos has dropped twice in a row. Maretta failed in a brave fight with then-champion Jon Jones at UFC 239 and entered the third round from UFC’s Glover Teixeira at ESPN 17 in November.

But even though Santos lost the skid, Rakitch knows he won’t underestimate him.

“These two consecutive losses don’t mean anything,” Rakic ​​said. “Chiago is a dangerous man. He fought very well with Jon Jones, he fought the injured. Now he lost to Glover. He knocked down Glover and Glover is back. Was-he’s dangerous, he’s very dangerous-but you can see that there was rust on the ring. “

He continued. “In the next fight with me, I think Chiago will be more motivated because he’s hungry and has a chance. I’m sure he’s training hard because he knows Chiago. We were training with the American Top Team in Florida two years ago. He’s a dangerous guy, but I’m in my prime now, and I’m telling you, His prime number Alexander Rakitch, no one is going to beat me. Nobody. No one can swear to God that no one is going to hit me. “

In 2018, Rakić spent a training camp with Santos on the American Top Team, accustomed to a dangerous Brazilian match. After studying his opponent’s past battles, Rakitch will identify two important battle tactics from Santos and prepare for the night of one or the other.

“Sometimes he’s waiting to fight, sometimes he’s rushing forward,” Rakitch said. “So I don’t know what to expect from him, but this is the most important fight for me, so everything he brings to the table is ready. After this fight, I got the title shot I want.”

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Alexander Rakić wins title with dominant victory over Thiago Santos Alexander Rakić wins title with dominant victory over Thiago Santos

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