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in spite of Brian OrtegaRecent improvements, Alexander Volkanovski I think his pressure is too great.

UFC Featherweight Champion Volkanovski (22-1 MMA, 9-0 UFC) will face Ortega in the first quarter of 2021, but the dates are not yet official. Dana White made fun of the February match, but Volkanovski wanted the fight to be pushed back a bit more so that he had enough time to camp at New Zealand’s City Kickboxing.

Ortega (15-1 MMA, 7-1 UFC) is arguably showing his best performance, he shuts out Chan Sung Jung and beat him in the UFC for five rounds with an ESPN +38 headliner. It was.

The victory relocated Ortega to the title battle and drew the attention of the champion.

“I was surprised because I didn’t expect him to fight. I wouldn’t say he would fight wisely, but there were some things I didn’t expect in his shot selection,” Volkanovski said. Skiing Told to SCMPMMA.. “I thought he was just looking for a finish. That’s his job.

“But there he showed patience, shot selection, fake, and much more we’re working on. I don’t know if he took some notes from our book, He was clearly strengthening it and it looked good. He looked really good. “

However, although Volkanovski was impressed with Ortega’s progress, he remains unmoved. He sees a game plan similar to what Max Holloway could have done when he defeated Ortega in 2018 as a working blueprint.

“I believe I’m going to destroy him,” Volkanovski said. “As Max did, I believe it’s somewhere I can go-especially in my pressure style. This is because I believe it can put pressure on me. It’s a fun fight for. I’ll be his face, it’s fun. People want to see it.

“There is a level to this, and I believe my pressure when using it is at a completely different level that many people around the world have never felt before.”

Volkanovski has repeatedly won the Hollowway and is excited to take on new challenges in the featherweight division. He admits that Ortega is dangerous everywhere, but he’s not afraid to touch the ground with Jiu-Jitsu Ace when needed.

“It’s exciting to me, but at the same time I really believe I’m at a completely different level,” Volkanovski said. “I’m very balanced. I can fight wherever I am. I’m a man who never quits. In my case, it’s easy to say I’m balanced, but much more. There are so many little things that I’m working hard to make sure I’m a perfect fighter, so if someone has a problem somewhere, anytime, somewhere You can take me to.

“Even if you have to go to the ground with Ortega … don’t worry about him killing me. I see. Of course I can’t give too much, but if I want to beat someone If I can. Are you going to play a BJJ match with him in the middle of a UFC fight? No. But I’m a very smart fighter. Only BJJ Matt has different rules. We’re you You can hit your face. There are cages. MMA cages have many obstacles, especially if you can use your hands, elbows, etc. “

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Alexander Volkanovski is confident that he will break the new version of Brian Ortega Alexander Volkanovski is confident that he will break the new version of Brian Ortega

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