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It’s not news for most MMA fans Colby Covington And Kamaru Usman hates each other, whether it’s due to personal disgust or their competitive competition, but Covington and Usman don’t work.

Covington and Usman faced off at UFC 245 in December 2019, and despite the fact that “Nigeria’s Nightmare” won the TKO in the fifth round and broke Covington’s jaw, the rivalry became fierce.

For many fans, the battle for Covington to ultimately test Usman’s aerobic exercise and endurance as the match progressed was very close. Covington’s hand wasn’t raised, but he still did a great performance that he was proud of.

The fight was at such a ferocious pace, even for the president Dana White He said the match was one of his all-time favorites.Recently white Confirmed Covington was certainly in the next row of the belt, confirming that Colby also wanted a match. However, while Covington is confident in his skill set and believes he will take a “W” for the second time, Usman’s manager Ali Abdelaziz has a different impression.

A mixed martial arts manager, Usman’s representative recently sent a threatening message to Covington, saying Colby “will get what he was looking for very hard.”

“That’s the fight,” Abdelaziz said. MMA junkie on Monday. “Listen, he broke his jaw the last time they fought. This fight, he’s a very bad guy, so I hope he’s blind or something bad happens to him. He’s the same level of sh * t as Connor. They’re in direct confrontation. He’s a racist sneaky guy. I think he’s playing race cards, I think he really is. He insults people’s religion, wife. You see him talking about Dustin – he said Dustin PoirierWife is a prop. What do you say This is the one he trained with, sweated, and ate with. How are you going to talk about him like that?

“I know what happened the last time I met him in Palm. He called Verdham and my own police. I think Dana White is right. This is the fight. He is a promoter. After all, Colby Covington is a decent fighter, so don’t drink from a straw or walk for a year or two. He’s not a great fighter. He’s going to hang out. But I believe Usman would hurt him really, really badly. “

“Colby Covington is a dead man. He is a dead man walking, the clock is ticking, and he is going to get what he sought very hard. Kamaru Usman Not the same fighter. I’ve seen him improve every fight, and that’s it. “

Do you think Ali Abdelaziz is off the line for these comments about Colby Covington?

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Ali Abdelaziz wants Covington to be blind in Usman’s rematch Ali Abdelaziz wants Covington to be blind in Usman’s rematch

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