Alina apologizes for using N-Word and reveals why she did it

“I saw a lot of people using it on social media, so I thought it was a’bro’or’blow’,” Alina wrote in her IG apology after the first Photoshop claim. ..

90th fiance Star Alina Kozhevnikova posted an apology For using racist terms on Instagram after claiming that the post was purchased in Photoshop.The arena is part of 90 days fiance: 90 days ago Season 5 with American boyfriend Caleb Greenwood as they struggle to date due to height differences. They connected on Facebook 13 years ago and met in person at the show. However, Alina recently revealed that she stayed in the United States in 2010-11 as an exchange student. She said her “Gender vendorHomecoming Week with the theme. After seeing the fans using the N-word variation in the captions, one of them was reposted and immediately removed.

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In the photo in question, there was an arena with a beard on her face, and she mentioned her.boyAs a version “Allen.. ” A few days later, Screenshots of Arina’s Instagram post She used captions.Yo [N-word] I have to add up [sic] Gold Diggin #gangsta #mymomwantedason #throwback #homecoming,The same photos as “” were posted in various ways. 90th fiance Instagram news page. The arena moved from her profile to MIA after being called, but indulged in a conversation with an IG DM blogger and the screenshot was “editAnd how she can do itMake something like this in Photoshop.She also said, “Also, I’m a minority, so I don’t downplay other minorities. 🤷. meaninglessAfter sending to the blogger, Alina also deleted the DM.

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but, Alina Seems to have lied 90th fiance Audience. On Friday, The arena took her to the Instagram story Share an apology for her offensive language. “”I’m sure some of you have seen screenshots of my past posts. We sincerely apologize to those who have hurt our hearts.“Arina wrote in a statement. “”I didn’t mean to offend anyone“She said. “”I will continue to oppose all forms of discrimination.Arina, the first little man, insisted 90th fiance And it has a rare form of dwarfism called dystrophy dysplasia.

Alina Caleb N Word Instagram Post Photo Apology Instagram In 90 Day Fiance

In the next paragraph, Alina tried to explain why she used N-word. “”My English is okay, but I’m Russian and there are still many nuances you’ll learn over time,“She insisted. “”I didn’t know the influence of the words I used in that post many years ago,“Arina continued. According to Alina, she saidMany people on social media using it.So she apparently said “I thought it was like “bro” or “fella”.” but, Russian singer Alina admitted As she said again, she was wrong.I sincerely apologize to those who have been hurt by my words... In the meantime, many 90th fiance Interested fans such as fans of Reddit threads by u /-PrincessPoptart- He refuses to believe the arena’s excuses, especially after her first denial.

“”She has lived in the United States for a year and speaks English better than half of Americans at this show.I’m sorry, I don’t believe her, “Comment u /Playcrackersthesky.. “”You didn’t think it meant “bro” or “blow”. You have already blamed people for photo-shopping those comments. It’s too little and too late.Please sit down, “Posted TLC Viewer u /Ginger_Soul99..Alina is already on the last nerves of many 90th fiance fan.She used to Accused of Caleb’s cat fishing By not letting him know her true height, and also by using the show as a means to promote her acting career. Alina may continue to appear on American television every Sunday, but fans can’t immediately forget what she did.

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Source: Alina Kozhevnikova/ Instagram, u /-PrincessPoptart/ Reddit, u /Playcrackersthesky/ Reddit, u /Ginger_Soul99/ Reddit

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Alina apologizes for using N-Word and reveals why she did it

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