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Alistair Overeem He’s trying to track UFC heavyweight titles during the final chapter of his career, so I think everything is clicking the way he needs it.

Overeem (47-18 MMA, 12-7 UFC), who won four of the last five games, will face Russian striker Alexander Volkov (32-8 MMA, 6-2 UFC) in the next match. Take a rigorous test.Include UFC Fight Night 184 Main event. It will be held on February 6th at UFC Apex in Las Vegas and will be streamed on ESPN +.

If you want to reach your goal of adding a UFC heavyweight belt to your martial arts resume, including Strikeforce, Dream, and K-1 titles, Overeem needs to win the fight. He was supposed to fight Volkov in April 2019 before it collapsed, but he is happy that it has been rescheduled and is very pleased to work in his favor. There is.

“He definitely grew up as a fighter, but I also grew up as a fighter (because we were last booked),” Overeem told MMA Junkie. “I think fighting now is the most dangerous. I’m showing the best performance ever or ever, so I’m very excited about what the fight is happening now. The timing for me is it is perfect.”

At the age of 40, Overeem proved to remain an elite in a recent series of battles.He is 6th in the latest USA TODAY Sports / MMA Junkie Heavyweight ranking, And we will face 7th place Volkov in the 5th round headliner.

“He’s (good) everywhere,” Overeem said of Volkov. “He has a kick, he has a hand strike, he has the ground, he is fighting. I think he is dangerous everywhere. Because he is reaching out But it will be an interesting fight. But I feel very ready. The camp was good. It will be a good fight. “

Despite being still strong, Overeem made it clear that this was his last push to the top. UFC Fight Night 184 is the 94th match of his martial arts career and he doesn’t want to do this forever.

He feels that another chance of gold is well within reach, but it’s not clear whether the retreat to Volkov will cause him to throw a towel or he will rebuild again. But what Overeem can say for sure is that he is happy with his current position.

“We have two wins (in a row), so there is definitely momentum,” Overeem said. “I think my fight is good, they are exciting. I think I have to keep this trajectory. I have another title shot. I’m running out of time so this is the last. That’s okay. I have a great career, I have a great career, but we also have to be realistic, and that’s a bit of where the final run comes from. I’m 45 years old I’m not going to keep fighting until. It will be the last one run, and it will thank everyone who has seen it and will meet you in the next life. “

But if Overeem picked up the UFC belt, he said it would be his last moment. It’s unpredictable whether Stipe Miocic, Francis Ngannou, or even Jon Jones will be the man at the top of the mountain, but he visualizes the moment. It’s about putting the title on your head and then putting it on. Put on gloves in the center of the cage and say goodbye to the world of MMA.

“I will retire soon (after winning the title),” Overeem said. “There is nothing to prove at that point.”

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Alistair Overeem, the “most dangerous” for Alexander Volkov Alistair Overeem, the “most dangerous” for Alexander Volkov

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