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This is one hell of a way to get over the new baby face, right?

WWE encountered something good when the Guinness World Records recognized Natalia as a three-time world record holder in multiple categories. She has a long and illustrious career and is full of achievements.The latest thing she can add to the list is using it to help get over Aliyah Friday Night SmackDown..

Indeed, when trying to add a fourth world record to her resume, Natti inadvertently helped give Aliyah her first victory — the fastest victory in WWE history.

Natalia’s plan was a genius. She defeated Aliyah before the bell rings, and when the referee signaled to start the match, she hopped the pin. Boom, 3 seconds victory. And everything went well until Aliyah jumped on her and performed just enough rollups to get the job done.

In 3.17 seconds.

New record.

Anyway, there are all the videos from here smack down this week:

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Aliyah set a record with SmackDown Aliyah set a record with SmackDown

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