All Abylight Studios Switch games are now 50% off on Black Friday

update: Just in case, Abylight Studio’s Black Friday sale on Switch ends today! This is your last chance to get the following games at a discounted price.

Original: Black Friday savings are now steadily increasing as Abylight Studios announces another e-shop sale.

The company has reduced all games published on Switch by 50%. The following transactions are valid in Europe, US and Japan and are valid until December 2nd.

Hyper Light Drifter: Special Edition ($ 9,99)

Drifting a mysterious world to find a cure for a deadly illness … and no, it’s not a plan for 2020! This is an insanely challenging and unique indie masterpiece by Heart Machine and an additional content to the Special Edition by Abylight. Join us in this action-adventure RPG inspired by the best of 16-bit classics in the dark and detailed world of lost technology, dangerous and violent past echoes.

Cursed Castile EX ($ 6,99)

Have you met Mouras, Ojáncanos, Nuberus, Malismos? You will be a cursed Castile! Classic arcade gameplay encounters European folklore to which the mentioned creatures belong. In this neo-retro masterpiece by Locomalito and Gryzor87, the devil used the tears of a young witch to open the door to hell. You play as Don Ramiro, the devoted knight of the king, in his adventure of fighting and expelling the evil that invades the land of Tromela.

Super Hydra ($ 9,99)

Do you feel like escaping into space? Don’t say it anymore, get Super Hydra. This shooter is from Locomarito and Grisol 87. You will be the most skilled and dangerous pilot in the universe and will be tasked with freeing the Omios star from the invasion of biomechanical creatures. Free the planet, destroy enemy bases and discover the mysterious forces behind the invasion. Let’s choose a route and equip the ship!

Qbics Paint ($ 2,49)

Unleash your inner artist with Qbics Paint, a cute and chilled game where you use your fingers to engrave and paint 3D figures on the Nintendo Switch touch screen. Choose Maker mode and create your own Qbic or enjoy unlocked Qbic. Need inspiration? The image mode is rich in a variety of stock images. In these crazy times when relaxation is the key to sanity, Qbics Paint will be a great game to enjoy with the whole family.

We also reported on a similar Black Friday sale from Kemco this morning. This will reduce the price of many RPGs and will also show a lot of savings for Nintendo products.

Have you found a Black Friday bargain so far this year? Please let us know below.

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