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The original is considered a horror classic, Hellraiser The film has undoubtedly received a lot of consensus since the franchise started. Hellraiser To commemorate the directorial debut of horror master Clive Barker. Clive Barker first made a name for himself on this page with his unique and brutal horror story. After being disappointed with the adaptation of his short story Low Head Rex, Barker decides to make his own film, securing a reasonable budget to adapt his own novella Hell heart..

Hell heart It focuses on a virtuous man trying to escape from the sadomasochist demon summoned in an ancient puzzle box.The resulting movie version, 1987 HellraiserCreates a horror icon from the iconic Cenobite Pinhead while succeeding in word of mouth. Despite proving that the quality of the latter entry is commercially and critically disappointing, the promising franchise still demands cults.

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From adventures in various dimensions, trying to create a resurrected Shenanigan, and even a pinhead antihero. Hellraiser The franchise tried it all. Sometimes the horrifying movie series certainly can’t be blamed for lack of imagination, featuring 10 huge standard installments so far.Here’s everything Hellraiser Movies, ranked from worst to highest.

10. Hellraiser: Apocalypse (2011)

Hellraiser Revelation Pinhead

Hellraiser: Apocalypse Legend has it that the intern, who was slapped together a few weeks later, realized that Dimension was on the verge of losing its franchise rights if it didn’t create a new sequel. revelation With amateur acting, paper-thin assumptions, and an overall low-budget feel, these hurry hurt. Pinhead’s former performer Doug Bradley refused to return due to the rush to produce, and his successor lacks the gravity needed for a Senobite leader.

9. Hellraiser: Healthy Car (2002)

Hellraiser Healthy Car

Hellraiser: Healthy Car Fans were temporarily excited when it was announced that Ashley Lawrence, the leading actress in the first two films, would be back, Healthy car It turns out to be one of the most boring entries in the series.Lawrence is essentially a glorious cameo, drawing a pathetic short arc that even the most enthusiastic people get angry with. Hellraiser fan. To insult the injury, the protagonist is an aggressively improbable caricature wandering through a movie containing a sequence of about 90 percent hallucinations or dreams that can’t elicit a single horror.

8. Hellraiser: Hell World (2005)

Hellraiser Hellworld Henry Cavill

Hell World Is one of the weirdest of Hellraiser Revolves around movies and groups of invited friends Hellraiser-Theme party. In essence, a popular 2000s horror movie with a silly twist, Hell World Due to its tongue cheek style, it is better than the ones below this list. Cast including young Henry Cavill (Justice League) And Lance Henriksen, Hell World A fun feature to pack lots of Easter eggs and call back before Hellraiser Installment payment. That said, turning pinhead into a typical slasher still shows a big narrative mistake, and previous franchise entries legitimately confirmed that Cenobites couldn’t hunt their free will. I am.

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7. Hellraiser: Deader (2005)

Deadler Following a dirty journalist investigating a cult claiming to revive the dead, he holds the premise that his spine is throbbing.However, like most straight DVDs Hellraiser movie, Deadler It was the original script modified to be a sequel-and it shows.The overall plot has little to do with the carefully crafted early stages Hellraiser With myths, it has some creepy moments and interesting ideas, but Deader still holds himself as a mediocre horror story.

6. Hellraiser: Judgment (2018)

10th, and so far the finals Hellraiser entry, judgement Mark yet another low-budget bid to keep the decline Hellraiser Franchise rights. Aside from its reason for existence judgement Bring out a slight improvement revelationStrives to expand the myth of the series, featuring solid performance from the new Pinhead Pole T. Taylor. NS SevenBut the small budget of the movie sometimes has an ugly head, so the style serial killer plot still blends in with the stereotypes.Judgment somehow comes true Hellraiser However, the prerequisite is that it features some nervous (and terrible) horror sequences.

5. Hellraiser: Inferno (2000)

Hellraiser Inferno Pinhead

Scott Derrickson (Doctor Strange) Debuted as a director in the 2000s Inferno, 5th entry and 1st entry Hellraiser We offer to outsource a straight bin to the dreaded DVD. The preamble to the story follows a sneaky detective investigating the case of a missing child before finding a connection to the franchise’s infamous puzzle box. Inferno While heading towards making Senobite a more traditional Christian demon, Delixon flares and produces disturbing images like a massage under the skin, but also lacks pinhead screen time. Offending franchise fans, his overall practice is awkward.

4. Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (1992)

Lamentation Composition Bill Hellraiser 3

Hellraiser III I tried to change the pinhead to Freddy KruegerIt’s a style figure, but Doug Bradley is a hamee joy in that part, Hell of this world It’s mostly confusing because of its complex and pointless plots. As part of that, Cenobites has turned into a gimmick monster like Camerahead. This is a facet that cannot be helped by the slogan of the movie story. In fact, until the final act, Pinhead is far more interesting than the lead heroine, and it’s quite difficult to eradicate her survival.

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3. Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996)

Hellraiser Bloodline Pinhead

Pedigree Has the most ambitious concept of Hellraiser The movie is divided into three converging timelines. The first story follows Philippe Lemarchand, creator of the infamous puzzle box in 1796, and how his actions cursed his pedigree. The second story follows his descendants in a contemporary setting, with the finale taking place in the sci-fi hellscape version of outer space.I have a truly creative idea Pedigree, However, the film is still hampered by low budgets, sloppy re-editing failures, and plagued many franchises. Ultimately, this unnatural blend of sequels / sequels is a fascinating mess that lives long in the blurry standard memories of the franchise.

2. Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 (1988)

Hellraiser 2

To reach the real meat on this list Hellbound After surviving Senobite’s wrath, Kirsty is sent to exile and picks up from the end of the original. This sequel greatly expands the premise of Hellraiser’s eerie world, taking viewers to Hell (known as The Labyrinth) and revealing who is in charge of it. It also features the origin story of Pinhead, which has a lot of gussets that stir the stomach like the original. Surprisingly, filmmakers didn’t initially consider Pinhead to be a star, and the returning villain Julia was nailed to lead the franchise. But the fan reaction to the characters and this solid sequel quickly changed their minds forever.

1. Hellraiser (1987)

Hellraiser 1987

Hellraiser Shooting the arm of the horror genre in 1987, he brought Clive Barker’s unique and dazzling vision to the big screen.Main essence of HellraiserThe plot is essentially a love story, and the cheating wife agrees to help the cursed lover (husband’s brother) regenerate from a hellish stint by feeding a series of victims. increase. The effects and gussets are shocking to this day, but the refined direction and sheet music enhances the material beyond its internal ambitions.Pinhead is a very background threat Hellraiser -He’s also credited as “Lead Cenobite”-but even with his short screen time here, it’s clear that a new icon has been born.

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