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The X-MenThe Phoenix Force has had many hosts for thousands of years-and here’s everything Marvel has revealed so far. The Phoenix Force is the connection of all the spiritual energies in the Multiverse and acts as the guardian of evolution itself-burning the old to give the new a new life. According to Asgard’s spatula Phoenix is ​​a dual force; “”Alpha Omega. Chaos-Order. Start End. Life or death. Phoenix is ​​a passion for creativity. Dark phoenix, the cold fire that ends it.“”

Phoenix Force usually works through the host, but for unknown reasons. Some suggest that it is because the phoenix is ​​anxious for the emotional stimulus of the creature. Therefore, it tries to fill its own gap through its host. On two occasions, Phoenix was split into multiple hosts-once forced, Avengers vs Xmen Spectacular and once delighted, he was looking for a champion on the planet. However, none of these individuals were true Phoenix hosts, as they were unaware that they were bound to their essence, even if they burned their souls as a result of their experience. did.

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Here are all the true Phoenix hosts-the hosts who have chosen Phoenix, have been elected in turn, have been bound by the will of Phoenix to fulfill their purpose, or have been promoted to become one with it. These are some of the most powerful heroes in the history of Marvel Comics and some of the most dangerous beings in the universe.

Demon King of Stasis

Demon King Phoenix

of Uncanny X-Men # 13, an artificial intelligence named Unit, talked about the first known Phoenix host a billion years ago. He discovered a supernatural world in which his ruler, the Devil Prince, performed a great ritual to pause evolution itself. The Phoenix Force, the cosmic force of change and evolution, opposed this and chose the Messianic character to restore evolution and wipe out the Demon King of Stasis.With these events, as the unit pointed out Thinning out of mutant races by scarlet witches, With the advent of “Mutant Messiah” inspired by similar Phoenix, Hope Summers.

Fire hair

Avengers 39 Cover First Phoenix

Now a million years ago, Phoenix Force chose a human host that looked like the first-a woman who became known simply as Firehair because of her red hair. Firehair was responsible for gathering together The Avengers in 1,000,000 BC, And she became Odin’s lover. In a shocking twist, Marvel Comics reveals that this mysterious yet powerful figure is actually Thor’s mother-that is, he’s actually the son of Phoenix.

Ferron, an ancient wizard

Ferron Marvel Comics

Ferron is another dimension of sorcerer, under his plane sorcerer Supreme, Necrom-trained with his fellow mystic, Merlin. They learned to travel the Multiverse, but Necrom wanted to go one step further and gain the power to rule the Multiverse itself. Ferron played an important role in Necrom’s plan and sought to combine with the Phoenix Force to create a multifaceted singularity. Necrom eventually tore Phoenix from the host. Injured in the process, he harvested and created a fragment of Phoenix’s energy. Anti-phoenix.

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Ohoyo Luak, Phoenix in 1050 AD

Marvel Comics OhoyoLuak

Marvel’s Phoenix Song: Echo The miniseries featured Ohoyo Luak, the host of Phoenix in 1050 AD. She lived in Cahokia, North America and understood the power of the Phoenix. As she said while traveling to Echo, a descendant of the Phoenix host, “You can bring the whole civilization to their knees! Change the course of the planet! Let’s absorb the vitality of the living and revive the dead!“When many Phoenix hosts tried to suppress that power, she accepted it and allowed her to show her the wonders of the universe.

Forgotten Viking Phoenix Host

Forgotten phoenix host

Mighty Thor # 7 reveals an ancient adventure involving Thor long before Thor gets Mjolnir. The problem was that long ago it rolled up part of a team of heroes, including the Viking female who hosted the Phoenix, Ghost Rider Chief Hellhawk, Black Panther Nehanda, Black Bodolf, and the Iron Fist-wielding Princess Atlantis. Revealed. And a big beast named Tanaraku. Their adventure has never been told, but it’s possible that Phoenix host Thor took him as a lover.

Lukeshire and Phoenix Blade

Phoenix Lukeshire Blade

An ancient Shi’ar named Rook’shir combined with the Phoenix Force and caused havoc throughout the empire. This rampage led to the formation of the first Imperial Guard, whose leader, the Gladiator, successfully killed him. He left a legacy-a weapon called the Phoenix Blade, soaked in his power, eventually fell into the hands of one of his ancestors, about 500 years after his death.

The phoenix, the Tekken that shook the phoenix

FongjiWu Iron Fist Phoenix Host

The story of Fongji Wu is told in New Avengers A three-part story linked to # 25-27 Avengers vs Xmen event.. Fongji Wu was born in the city of K’un Lun, and with the vision of the upcoming Phoenix Force, city leaders trained her to be one of the Iron Fists. When the phoenix came, the phoenix became its host and gathered its purpose and will. She left Earth and never returned, and her fate is unknown. But she left behind one lasting legacy. Thanks to Fonji Wu, Phoenix Force is always vulnerable to the power of Iron Fist.

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Reno Phoenix, the mysterious host of the Archetypal Old West

Revenge of history

Jason Aaron’s the Avengers # 50, Ka-Zar traveled over time and learned that there were always defenders on Earth. One of the most interesting partnerships was between Wild West’s Reno Phoenix and Star Brand Kid. They have long been forgotten in the fog of time and nothing is known about them.

Jean Gray

Jean Gray Phoenix Force

Of course, the most famous Phoenix host is Jean Gray-and her relationship with Phoenix is ​​complex and subject to countless retrofits. The phoenix first replaced Jean Gray and she put her in a phoenix egg that heals instead, and it fell under the influence of the Mastermind-eventually becoming a dark phoenix. I did. But since then, Jean has had a close relationship with Phoenix. Therefore, it is difficult to determine where you are. Jean Gray ends and Phoenix begins.. This was especially true during the time of Grant Morrison. New X-Men Morrison saidDeification“To explain the relationship between the two. In theological terms, the moment of deification is the moment when humans transcend humanity and become one with the existing God. Now Jean rejects this. , Abandoned her link. Phoenix, but it probably won’t last long.

Rachel Gray, daughter of Phoenix

Rachel Gray, daughter of Cyclopes and Phoenix from another timeline, is one of the few Phoenix hosts to give in to the power of Dark Phoenix. Rachel claimed the power of Phoenix when he first arrived at the main timeline and was Phoenix for many years. She was seduced, but always resisted the temptation of darkness, even if she used too much power in the fight against Galactus. Sadly, Marvel seems to have forgotten Rachel Gray -Jason Aaron’s the Avengers It even performs to describe Thor as the only child of Phoenix.

Stepford Cuckoo, Emma Frost’s “daughter”

Stepford Cuckoo X-Men Phoenix

The Weapon Plus program has successfully developed what is considered the ultimate anti-mutant weapon- Stepford Cuckoo, The collective spirit of a thousand psychics who can destroy all mutants just by thinking. The Phoenix Force recognized the threat and chose Celeste Cuckoo, one of the three active Stepford Cuckoos, as its weapon for the Weapon Plus program. The situation was even more tragic, as the cuckoo was actually harvested from Emma Frost’s eggs. So all the cuckoos were virtually her daughters.

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Hope Summers, Mutant Messiah

Hope Summers Phoenix

One of the most important Phoenix hosts in the last decade Hope Summers, Mutant Messiah.. Phoenix is ​​the power of the evolutionary universe, and when Scarlet Witch deactivated X genes around the world, it responded by choosing Hope as the future host. Hunted as a newborn, Hope was helped by a time traveler’s cable to inspire the future and raise her there. She returned to the present and eventually claimed the power of Phoenix-combining it with Scarlet Witch’s abilities to accomplish her destiny. Hope actually tried to destroy the Phoenix Force and end the cycle of death and rebirth, but failed.

Quentin Quire, host of future Phoenix

Quentin Quire Phoenix Force

Quentin Quire Omega level mutant, One of the most powerful telepathies ever for walking the earth. He has long felt destined to wield the Phoenix Force, but he is not in a hurry to achieve that fate.Still, Quentin absorbed a fragment of Phoenix Force Mighty Thor # 19, use is to end the gods’ struggle between Shire’s divinity and Jane Foster’s Thor, and he eventually used that power for an unlikely purpose-by Scarlet Witch. Rekindle the deactivated Jubilee mutant gene.

Thanos’ son, Thane

Tane Phoenix Force

One of the most unlikely Phoenix hosts was Thanos’ son, Thanos. Deprived of his power, Thane sought revenge on his father from Phoenix Force, and Phoenix accepted him as a host. Like many who shook the phoenix in front of him, Thane was manipulated. In his case, it is purely by Lady Death, who designed the battle between father and son on a cosmic scale to satisfy her bloody desires. He rampaged across the universe, chaotic, destructive, destroying countless worlds and civilizations, and finally confronting Thanos again in what is known as God’s Quarry. The Phoenix Force was not doing business there, and it was banished, causing Thanos to face the wrath of Thanos.


Echo Phoenix Force

Current The host of Phoenix Force is Echo, A Native American superhero who used to be a street-level vigilant. Her understanding of the phoenix is ​​shaped by her heritage, as she understands the phoenix as a thunderbird. “”Cheyenne’s blood flows through my veins,“Echo believes that the power of Phoenix is ​​being given.”Like many indigenous peoples, my people have always believed in the winged spirit of change. A wonderful phoenix that brings summer. It protects us from what feeds us in the darkness and the sea. A long and cold winter. Today, for better or for worse, I have changed.“This point of view seems to have made Phoenix choose her more than anything else, because the time of war with Mephistopheles has come and we need this point of view.

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