All Microsoft Holiday Ads for 2020 are about games (and puppies)

We’ve reached the point where all big companies start dropping soothing holiday ads. Microsoft is all about games. Technology giants are doing a lot outside the gaming world, but this year they seem to be particularly proud of their gaming segment.

The ad finds a family dog ​​roaming the house playing Halo (the new shiny Xbox Series S), Minecraft, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Microsoft Teams, a non-gaming product. It shows that it is. The puppies then enter those worlds in a dream and many puppy friends join. Check it out for yourself:

The ad includes the Xbox Series S, but the console is mostly in the background and the Xbox Series X doesn’t seem to show up at all. Recall that Microsoft’s focus in the gaming world goes beyond the “console war” to the realm of software. This ambition was driven only by the acquisition of the studio, which has received a lot of attention this year.

However, as some comments point out, Microsoft ads can come across something a little sad for puppies. Because their human family doesn’t want to quit the game to pay attention to them. Fortunately, if you enjoy your new Xbox or play a lot of Minecraft on this holiday, don’t forget to set aside time for your furry family.

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