All ranked South Park Christmas episodes (according to IMDb)

South park It’s one of the crudest and darkest comedies on TV. Created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, this series is always as irreverent and aggressive as possible, but you may prefer to immerse yourself in the spirit of the holidays.

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There are many memorable moments South park Mocked or accepted the spirit of Christmas. Some of their holiday episodes are better than others, but even if they are incredibly twisted, they all have something hilarious to offer. From anthropomorphic excrement to help save Christmas, to the infamous cult leader entering the spirit of Eurtide, South Park makes the healthiest holidays the usual extremes.

Updated December 23, 2021 by Tanner Fox: The best Christmas episodes in South Park are good all year round, but often have a special meaning around the holiday season because of their amazing honesty.

11 11 #HappyHolograms (Season 18, Episode 10)-6.8

Cartman as a streamer in South Park episode #HappyHoligrams.

“#HappyHolograms” is the season finale of Season 18 and is the end of the two-part episode. In the episode, Kyle gathers celebrities to wear the most luxurious Christmas specials ever.Flooded with pop culture jokes and classics South park Celebrity impersonation, This episode features everything popular in 2014, including Bill Cosby, Iggy Azalea, Lord, Tupac and Michael Jackson’s holographic celebrity jokes.

Cartman tries to break into and take over the Christmas special as a popular YouTube personality, but loses to PewDiePie, who made a cameo appearance in the episode. “#HappyHolograms” was safe when it first debuted, but it’s now incredibly old and is in the limelight for cultural phenomena that most people haven’t thought of for years. South parkThe strange charm of the mid-2010s series confused many fans. This episode is a good example of why many of these stories didn’t work.

Ten Hanky’s Christmas Classic (Season 3, Episode 15)-7.4

Hanky ​​in a Christmas-themed episode in South Park.

“Mr. Hanky’s Christmas Classic” is a series of famous holiday songs sung by various people. South park letter. In the Christmas Pooh sponsored by Mr. Hanky, who is the icon of Christmas, each song has changed in some way. South parkTrademark humor.. The show is truly unsuppressed in this episode, which offers hits such as Satan’s “Christmas Time in Hell” and the animated Adolf Hitler’s “Fir Tree” production. It’s certainly not as innocent as other anime Christmas specials, but for those who love dark humor, it can’t be much better than this.

Interestingly, he South parkThe most famous side character of, he is one of the most malicious players in the show. Introduced in a recent “Postcovid” special, Hanky ​​hasn’t appeared in the show since “The Problem With APoo” in 2018.

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9 A Very Crappy Christmas (Season 4, Episode 17)-7.6

When the town of South Park decides to celebrate a non-materialistic Christmas, the boys try to capture the spirit of Christmas and make a short animated film that can encourage the town to start buying gifts again.

The highlight of this episode is an introduction to Hanky’s family. Hanky ​​lives a stressful family life with his disgruntled alcoholic wife and their three “nuggets,” Cornwallis, Amber, and Simon. It’s also a hilarious episode that criticizes what a commercialized Christmas looks like.

8 Christmas Spirit (N / A)-7.6

The first still image of a South Park episode in history "Jesus vs. Frosty."

“Christmas Spirit” is South parkIntroducing the humor and characters that play a leading role in the series.

The first short film was called “Jesus vs. Frosty,” a short film that turned out to be a crazy snowman that killed Kenny as well as Frosty the Snowman. Jesus must then kill Frosty and save Christmas. The second short film, called “Jesus vs. Santa,” features Santa Claus and Jesus fighting in a rough satire. Mortal Kombat Video game franchise.

7 Bike Parade (Season 22, Episode 10)-7.6

Butter opening an Amazon package in an episode of South Park "Bicycle parade."

In South Park’s final 2018 Go-Around, Bike Parade, children are desperately looking for bike parts after Amazon worker strikes postpone delivery. This is a large jab with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and the potentially malicious practices that the company employs, which literally ends in high praise when the town celebrates with lots of Tegridy.

It’s only tangently related to the holiday season, Santa appears to help the kids in South Park, but he leaves when he finds out to Mr. Hanky ​​what they did. ..

6 Ask Ike (Season 7, Episode 15)-7.7

South park Often rips in Canada. “Christmas in Canada” is one of the best examples. In the episode, Canada signs a new law that requires all adopted Canadian children to return to their parents born in Canada. This includes Kyle’s brother, Ike. The four boys then travel to Canada and ask the Prime Minister to amend the law.

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The episode is a parody of Wizard of Oz It features various musical numbers and colorful characters. The boys come across different Canadian stereotypes and then join them on the rest of the journey. For those who love South Park’s bizarre obsession with rambling fun in Canada, this episode can’t be surpassed.

Five Christmas Snow (Season 23, Episode 10)-7.8

one of South parkThe best jokes It is a marijuana farm and tegridi farm operated by Randy Marsh. In “Christmas Snow,” Santa Claus is furious as South Park residents seem to be unable to stop drunk driving. Eventually, Santa banned the sale of alcohol in South Park, and all residents were depressed and lost the spirit of Christmas.

To brighten the holidays, Randy sells a new strand of his weed called Christmas Snow. This turned out to be cocaine.that’s all South park The more you draw Father Christmas with cocaine, the more bold it becomes.

Four Red Slay Down (Season 16, Episode 17)-8.1

In “The Wrath of Christ Wrath,” the boys ask Santa to bring the spirit of Christmas to Iraq. However, as soon as they arrive, Santa is shot down and captured. The boys then seek Jesus’ help to save Santa and Christmas.

Mixing Christmas and the Iraq War is just a matter of South park I can work.It’s very irreverent and definitely feels like a relic of the early 2000s, but it’s hardcore South park Fans can always get a kick from this episode.

3 Merry Christmas, Charles Manson! (Season 2, Episode 16)-8.2

Charles Manson in South Park Episode Merry Christmas Charlie Manson

Most Christmas specials try to convey the lessons of faith and virtue, and with this South park In the episode, Stan is taught an important lesson by Charles Manson of all. After escaping the prison with Cartman’s uncle, Manson hides in Cartman’s house, and the wacky Heizink continues with an animated version of the cult leader.

South park Often ridicules some of the most notorious figures in history. Of course, Manson does not forgive. Oddly enough, this episode has an important message about loving the family. Manson has even changed his mind, so in a distorted form, “Merry Christmas, Charles Manson!” It shows how the spirit of the holiday can brighten someone’s spirit.

2 Talking Poop, Christmas Pooh (Season 1, Episode 9)-8.2

This episode creates something symbolic South park Christmas character talking poop, Christmas poop. In the episode, the town of South Park removes potentially religious Christmas decorations for fear of being politically inaccurate or aggressive.

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Kyle discovers Hanky ​​one day and tries to convince the town of his existence. But Mr. Hanky ​​stopped speaking in front of everyone except Kyle, and the whole town thought he had lost it. Hanky’s personality is undeniably strange, but fans can’t deny that his song is incredibly memorable.

1 Woodland Critter Christmas (Season 8, Episode 14)-9.1

“Woodland Critter Christmas” is notorious One of the darkest episodes of South park.. This episode adds a twist to the Christmas specials of innocent children, along with cute animals with too obvious names such as Bearly the Bear, Porcupine the Porcupine, and Rabity the Rabbit. increase.

Stan finds these characters and asks the cougar to kill the mountain lion so that he can give birth on Christmas day. However, Stan soon learns that the creatures are a group of Satan worshipers who are giving birth to the Antichrist. It’s as scary as a Christmas comedy special is probably possible.

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