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Cooking at Breath of the Wild is extensive, but there is no in-game system for tracking recipes. The Breath of the Wild (BOTW) recipe is on the banner throughout the High Rules and can be learned from a variety of NPCs. Learning them this way is neat, but sometimes you need a guide to help you turn your links into master chefs.

This page is a sort of all the recipes for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by meal and dish type.

See the rest of the cooking guide to see which items can add effects. Some of these recipes do not include substitutions.

Both recipes: main dish

These recipes are generally flexible, so use the best ingredients (for example, those with a status effect) to get the most out of your diet. The main dish recipes are sorted by the main ingredients.

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Vegetarian entree


Hyrule is rich in fruits and vegetables and links a variety of ingredients that can be used in vegetarian diets.

meal material

Creamy heart soup

Pumpkin stew

Veggie cream soup

Mushroom soup cream

Vegetable soup cream

Carrot stew

Vegetable risotto

Mushroom risotto

Curry pilaf

Mushroom rice balls

Vegetable rice balls

Curry and rice

Fried egg and rice

Mushroom omelet

Vegetable omelet

Vegetable curry

Sautéed savory mushrooms

Herb saute

Grilled green

Grilled mushrooms

Steamed mushrooms
  • Vegetables, herbs, or flowers
  • mushroom

Mushroom skewers

Plenty of mushroom skewers
  • 4 different mushrooms

Fried wild green
  • A combination of vegetables, flowers, or herbs

Abundant fried wild green
  • 4 different herbs, vegetables, or flowers


Seafood main dish

These are dishes that make the most of all Hyrule fish and crustaceans. If you’re having trouble finding Hearty Salmon, try looking in the southern part of the Herb Plunge, just north of the Lithostable in the Herbal area.

Poultry and meat entree

Make use of all the meat collected in these recipes.If you’re having trouble finding a raw whole bird or a raw bird’s thigh, try looking for an emu-like bird around Eldin Canyon and Death Mountain.

Surf and turf main dish

These recipes mix land and sea ingredients to create a rich dish.

Both recipes: dessert

As in real life, many of these sweets have little nutritional value. Very few can give any additional effect to the link, but they all help to restore some mind.

Learn how to make cakes, pies, crepes and other desserts at Breath of the Wild using the recipe below.

Both recipes: Monster Foods

Link can make monster food with monster extract, which is a very special ingredient. Get this from your fangs and bones to make your next unique food.

Both recipes: side and snack

These dishes generally do not meet the link very well, but some are useful when you need to fill a little bit of mind.


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