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All smiles in Brisbane Convoy for kids

Along: Warren Aitken, Photographer: Warren Aitken

Brisbane Convoy for Kids emerged from a lockout forced by COVID when more than 600 trucks traveled from south of Brisbane to the “Dolphin” area of ​​the Redcliffe Peninsula on November 6.

The lead truck heads for the convoy on the way to Red Cliff

Waking up on Sunday morning with a photo-filled hard drive and a tanned body can mean only one thing. It’s time for a track show! Don’t get me wrong. I sincerely support the “slip, slap, slap” campaign, or the iterations that have been used recently. We will also teach people how to make Queensland bubbling when the sun is shining. But on Saturday, November 6th, I admit that I was a little loose. But who could blame me – it was Brisbane’s convoy for children.

The truck was shining, the crowd was weak, and my camera was fully charged.

It rained on the convoy as we moved through the Gateway Motorway

This is the 12th charity event, and 620 trucks have been registered this year and participated in the convoy. The 2019 Convoy held a record with 624 registrations, which included bikes and utes. Still, the 620 is about 620 more than last year’s event after the dreaded “C-ward” was forced to cancel the convoy.

Standing in front of his P3 T909 are Cameron Gaskell and his son Jayden, with BJ Munro driving a P3 K200.

Of the 620 people who departed from Paradise Road in Lalapinta, their new departure point this year, 567 were pushed into the Red Cliff Showground and welcomed by a large audience and supporters.

I’d like to tell you how many people came to the showground, but I was too busy to crash the gate system. I’m not sure about computers, but I think there were quite a few people.

Susie and Amy Carter were found taking this young companion for a walk

As in tradition, lead track spots have been auctioned. It was a very enthusiastic bidding war, with Karen Quarry Jason O’Hearn taking the number one spot in the McTrident bid for $ 5,500. Overall, the top 20 trucks raised $ 32,305. This is enough money to spend on Red Cliff’s main parking lot.

As soon as the clock reached 8:30 am, the lead truck departed along the traditional route, off the Gateway Motorway and Degon Deviation, and then headed for the Dolphin Rugby League territory, Red Cliff. ..


“Mother Nature” jumped in and ruined things a bit, raining enough to splash the road. But at least she was compassionate, raining only along the Gateway Motorway, preventing hundreds of spectators lined up in the available area from catching the splashback.

Restoring the old Budweiser Transter, Grant Ladder (L) stands with proud new owner Jason Hute.

After a small dampening water, the only other drama was to find a park. Thanks to the gate and showground volunteers who ran around like health and safety officers after catching someone with a seatbelt-less forklift.

All Kind Towing Team-Owners Chris Vella, David Homan, Tristan Baartz and Michael Gray showcase various tilted trays

It was a huge challenge for volunteers to deal with what looked like an endless stream of big shiny rigs through the gates. Thumbs up to all men and women who have succeeded in parking nearly 600 trucks.

AAP_0936.jpgWe would also like to thank the judges of the track show. Those people had to start the round from the moment the first track rolled in. Even an early start wasn’t until near 5 pm before all votes were aggregated and the winners were announced.

Decision, decision

As I said before, again, judging a track show must be the most difficult task in the world. I know air traffic controllers are said to be tough, but I think I have to agree when I see a high quality truck caught in a convoy. So I did it well to the judge. They had to make a pretty difficult decision.


There is a pile of trophies in the picture, which means a pile of winners. I can list them all, but for a list of winners it’s best to check out Brisbane’s Children’s Convoy Facebook page.

However, I will mention the tracks of the show. This was the first track show and cleanup for Faadhil Deen and Mactrans 100th Anniversary Mack Super-Liner. It’s really a work of art.

Northcott’s Bren Ten, Sarah, Jattrian (Blingman), and Ken brought brilliance to the convoy.

At the end of the day, after all live entertainment, many fair rides, all stall visits and a large charity auction, all the money raised this year will be sent to the Hummingbird House.

The exact numbers are still being calculated, but it’s no exaggeration to say that Brisbane’s children’s convoy has returned more powerfully than ever after a year’s hiatus.

“Kingpin” Mac Trance The stunning 100th Anniversary Mac took out the show’s tracks pretty correctly

Personally, I would like to thank all the volunteers who helped organize this event. Not only on the day, but before and after that, he did all the behind-the-scenes things we missed.

Hundreds of sparkling rigs also yelled at all the drivers and businesses that made the day special. My whims of a little tan is pale compared to the time you spent preparing your truck for the Brisbane Convoy 2021 for kids.


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All smiles in Brisbane Convoy for kids All smiles in Brisbane Convoy for kids

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