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Max Allegri praised the players for defeating Bologna 2-0, but he argues that it’s not time to settle for their glory as more tough matches are planned.

The Juventus manager oversaw the rebuilding of the club, which was tough in the first half of the campaign.

However, things have improved and the victory over Petronian was the club’s fourth in five games.

Juventus are unpredictable this season and the hosts have done more than enough to defeat them.

However, with a solid defense and a chance, Bianconeri was able to secure all the points from the fixture.

Allegri says everyone has a good explanation of himself in the defensive phase, but wants more in aggressive situations.

“Everyone worked together when defending. It should be. We had a better attitude from the beginning compared to Venice, but we need to do more in the future,” Allegri said. Told DAZN Soccer italy..

“Bologna is of high quality, so it’s not surprising that we have a chance. It worked here, but now we’re less alert because there were a lot of direct clashes in January before the Champions League reopened. I can not do it.”

Juventus FC says

Allegri is once again in the spotlight with his team’s performance assessment and likes to enjoy moving on to the next game as soon as it’s over.

Former AC Milan manager knows that his team will have to win more games than anyone else in Serie A for the rest of the season, and he keeps them doing great performances. Hmm.

Bianconeri’s next match against Cagliari is another victorable game, and he hopes he can inspire the player to another win.

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Allegri was pleased, but after defeating Bologna, issued a Allegri was pleased, but after defeating Bologna, issued a

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