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Alloggio Group is a leading operator of short-term rental accommodation (STRA) on the east coast of Australia and currently has a portfolio of 13 midmarket hotels with over 879 villas and 428 hotel rooms.

Alloggio has developed its own scalable cloud-based technology platform by combining proprietary in-house developed software with technology combined with licensed third-party software. The company’s cloud-based technology platform provides travelers with a seamless experience from search to booking and checking, with property management solutions, holiday properties and data analytics that provide dynamic pricing across the midmarket hotel portfolio. There are various functions such as. To check out.

Alloggio operates two major business units using a cloud-based technology platform:

1. Villa Management – ​​An end-to-end management solution for villa owners offering STRAs in popular tourist destinations
2. Mid-sized hotels – Rental and operation of mid-sized hotels

ALO will be listed on ASX on November 29, 2021.

ALO-Alloggio Group | Australian Equity Forum ALO-Alloggio Group | Australian Equity Forum

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