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on the other hand Haas Seems to be strengthening the relationship with Ferrari, Williams And Alfa Romeo They claim they are not going to be Team B.

Soon Ferrari Simone Resta, Head of Chassis Engineering, Announces Participation Haas Rather than revealing that American costumes have a satellite “factory” in Maranello, not only has the team evolved into Team B, but Italian manufacturers are looking at ways to “avoid” imminent budgets. A cap that leads to speculation that you are doing it.

Williams And Alfa Romeo, On the other hand, admit it while having a close relationship Mercedes And Ferrari, Each, both are determined to remain independent.

Team principal Simon Roberts said, “We can see the benefits, but we don’t want to be Team B. We want to stay independent, but more competitive for us. I want to improve my strength.

“Looking into the future, we are open to expanding relationships,” he continued. “But its specifications depend on what we think we are good at, internally, and where we think we need help and support.

“Simply put, if we’re good at something and we can do it, we need to get to the market fast, get going quickly, and focus on it,” he added. “If something goes wrong, you need to be prepared to buy it beyond the cost limit from the person who got it.

“It can’t be inefficient, so that’s our focus. When building a chassis, you need to make sure that you’re really good at making the chassis and that it can be applied to everything in the car.

“But we are independent. We remain independent, but there is room for collaboration.”

“Projects vary from team to team,” added Frederick Vasul. “And, I, Sauber Today’s company is wind tunnel and we want to continue investing in it.

“Now, yes, the plan is to remain system-independent at budgetary limits, and it makes sense to develop more technology in-house and continue in this direction.

“I don’t want to comment on other people’s projects,” he continued. “I think F1’s philosophy is like this. The rules are now on paper and you can take different approaches, but from our point of view, even so, I Collaboration with I think we need to stay independent and even more independent Ferrari It’s good and I want to develop this kind of collaboration. But that’s our project. “

Asked about HaasRelationship with Ferrari, Alpha boss said: “We don’t have the same approach as Haas I don’t want to comment on the Guenther and Gene projects.

“We are independent,” he insisted. “We have a good collaboration with Ferrari It’s in the engine and gearbox, but that’s it. We would like to develop our own car and continue it as it has been in the last few years. “

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Alpha and Williams don’t want to be Team B Alpha and Williams don’t want to be Team B

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