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The team, formerly known as Renault, endured the tough season’s opening Bahrain Grand Prix. Fernando Alonso retired and teammate Ocon finished in unfortunate 13th place.

It was the first time that neither car of the Enstone team had scored points since the Spanish Grand Prix last year.

Ocon’s race chance at Sakhir starts 16th on the grid after Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz Jr. put out a yellow flag at the moment of his dying in the first quarter after he failed to complete his last flying lap. It was compromised by doing.

In a very close fight in the midfield, Ocon believes that Alpine needs to do everything right to be in the top ten.

“It’s clear that it was the starting position that hurt us,” Ocon said. “If we were in the top 10, of course you were already in the points, but even 11th or 12th would have had a chance for us to get in the points.

“There is no margin, so we need to get the maximum out of the car to make that possible.

Esteban Ocon at press conference Alpine F1

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“There’s a clear way to figure out where performance is a bit lacking or where there’s room for improvement. I know where it is. Finding it and pacing the next event It’s our responsibility. We have a little more margin. “

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While Ocon has Praised the 2021 Renault engine as the best he drove in F1The French acknowledge that Alpine needs to recover some of the chassis performance lost due to regulatory changes.

But his team has already identified key areas that need improvement, he says.

“Of course, the new rules have changed a lot,” he added. “As everyone says, it’s a year of maintaining the same rules and carry-overs as last year, but this isn’t the reality.

“In fact, most cars are new to everyone. I’m sure what we have in the car. Everyone loses a lot of grip and downforce and everyone wants to get it back in the car. I will.

“Currently, everyone is slow under the new rules and is not inferior to last year’s car, so we know where to find the time and where to recover the lap time.

“Part of finding where it is, it’s happening now, now we have to do it.”

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Alpine “no margin” in 2021 F1 point battle Alpine “no margin” in 2021 F1 point battle

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