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AMA Group Realizes Large Vehicle Repair Capacity Nationwide

The Gold Coast-based AMA Group has acquired the ninth major motor repair facility.

Newcastle’s National Truck Repair and National Central have joined the company’s portfolio.

Darren Wales, CEO of the AMA Group, in the Heavy Motors division, is pleased with the newly acquired business. He said it fits perfectly strategically into the ever-expanding heavy motor sector.

“National Truck Repairs is a very well-operated and respected industry leader in the heavy vehicle repair sector,” said Wales.

“I’m happy to welcome them to complement the fast-growing team.

“Having a facility of this caliber in the Newcastle region complements our country’s repair network, which is the only heavy-duty vehicle repair organization with such a national presence.”

Darren Wales, CEO of Rodney Landers and AMA Heavy Motor of National Truck Repairs.

Rodney Landers of National Truck Repairs said the company had been struggling for a long time before joining the Welsh and AMA heavy motor teams.

“With the support of organizations like AMA, having the systems and processes they have implemented is unrivaled,” he said.

“Their long-term commitment to the industry has been heartfelt to provide an outstanding level of service and satisfaction to our customer base over the years to come.”

Wales said it was a business as usual, despite the recent change in group CEO.

“I myself and our management are focused on providing both carriers and insurance clients with outstanding service and a competitive pricing structure,” he said. ..

“We are 100% committed to this task.

“Companies are constantly changing. Our staff, management and technicians are the backbone of our company. This sets us apart from our competitors.”

The AMA Heavy Motors division currently consists of 250 staff across nine sites across Australia, Parins Truck Repairs (Perth). All Transport Smash (SA), Western Truck Repair (VIC), Recar Truck Repairs (Brisbane, Townsville, Clayton), Wales Truck Repairs (NSW), Wales Bus Repairs (NSW), and National Truck Repairs (Newcastle).

AMA Group Realizes Large Vehicle Repair Capacity Nationwide AMA Group Realizes Large Vehicle Repair Capacity Nationwide

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