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Amanda Hoover talks about the delivery of Brodie Lee’s AEW unlimited podcast

Latest guest AEW Unlimited Podcast It was Amanda Hoover, the widow of former TNT champion John “Brodie Lee” Hoover, who died tragically on December 26, 2020. Amanda tells the timeline of her own event, dating back to the appearance of the Dark Order Leader in the exact same podcast. A difficult journey that took place until his death. Please read the live commentary below.

-Amanda says he couldn’t finish exercising on the Peloton bike the day Brody appeared on the AEW Unrestricted podcast. This was unusual. He mentioned shortness of breath and she measured his temperature and checked for other COVID-19 symptoms.He still had a sense of taste and smell, so everything went back to normal

-The next day, Brody tried the Peloton movement again, but couldn’t finish it again.

-The next day, Brody drove to Jacksonville for dynamite taping. He tested negative for COVID, but Doc Sampson wasn’t confident in putting him in the bubble because of other symptoms, so he was sent home. Amanda says Brody was quarantined from his family as a precautionary measure.

-Brody had a high fever the next day. Amanda said she tried to keep hydrating but couldn’t eat. Later that day he took the COVID nasal swab test … the result returned negative.

-After not getting better, Brody went to emergency treatment diagnosed with bronchitis and allergies, but Brody disagreed with the assessment that he felt he had pneumonia. They will prescribe him allergic drugs and oral steroids.

-The next day, Brody had visible signs of pain, so they took him to the hospital. Amanda says she leaned against her while walking, but refused to get a wheelchair. His temperature was good as his fever went out, but his oxygen was bad enough that they had to put him in an oxygen concentrator.
Brody showed visible signs of distress. His face sank. The doctor thought it was definitely COVID, but he was negative again.

-Amanda states that Brody’s health has fluctuated over the past few days. He was taken to the ICU for better surveillance. She says AEW’s “various people” were aware of Brody’s poor health at this time.A longtime friend named Chris Harrington also reached out to help them, but Amanda refused at first because he didn’t want this to leak to the wrestling media.

-During Halloween, a hospital doctor told Amanda that Brody needed to be transferred to another hospital for further care. That’s how he got to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. Amanda knew that it would be a good choice because she had a connection with AEW. However, Amanda also said that moving Brody was a “life-and-death problem” and required a lung transplant because Brody had to be moved to an ECMO machine. Amanda went home with her sons to prepare for Halloween, but Brody received a call saying that he had “crashed and intubated.” She went to the Mayo Clinic when the boys boarded the plane around 1am.

-AEW insisted on Amanda to pay for the treatment. He had a hard time asking for help, so she wanted to handle it herself. In this section, we discussed how well Mayo’s staff treated her and continued to provide information.

-Amanda talked to AEW and told her to stay quiet. She didn’t want this story to be leaked and even offered to talk to the locker room herself. From time to time she checked online to make sure it was still a secret, including Reddit. During this time, Brody underwent a fourth COVID test … again, the test returned negative.

-Amanda revealed on her birthday (November 14th) that a Mayo Clinic nurse surprised her with cakes and banners. Brody was also removed from the ventilator and re-oxygenated, which seemed to be recovering. He wasn’t a word, but he was even communicating. However, he had a panic attack. Amanda says it’s time for the worst. The option to have a lung transplant was returned to the table, and the doctor told her that it was either that or that he would end his life care. Brody then infected his lungs … the same day as the anniversary of him and Amanda (December 13th).

-Chris Jericho has sent Brody Jr. to Jacksonville to participate in the taping of dynamite. Amanda says this was a big deal for Brody Jr., and all he wanted for Christmas was to be better than his father. As for Amanda … she was waiting to hear from the doctor about Brody getting a lung transplant, but they kept refusing it. Eventually Amanda returned home and was with the children, waiting for it.

-The doctor called Amanda and told her that Brody’s life care had to be terminated because his kidneys and heart had failed. If Brody died, she might not be there, but she decided to spend Christmas with her children, so she refused to return to Jacksonville.

-On Christmas, Amanda, the kids, and some families tried to spend a normal Christmas day, even though everything was happening. That night she flew to Jacksonville with some in-laws to be with Brody. She later asked Cody Rhodes and Big E if they could help tell Brody Jr. about the possible death of her father.
December 25 (Christmas)

-December 26, the day Brody died, Cody, Big E, Sean Spears, Tyler Breeze, Peyton Royce and the AEW Legal Team said goodbye. Amanda, Big E, and Cody later told Brody Jr. about his father’s death. She states that the official cause of death is “idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis,” which is a scarring of the lungs. She is still waiting for a complete autopsy.

-Amanda couldn’t hold Brody’s official ceremony because of the pandemic, and AEW’s tribute show ends up saying it fits. She also gets angry with those who say the company is abusing his death, and they not only respect his death, but also go too far to help his son realize his dreams. I insist.

Listen to the entire episode below.

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Amanda Hoover provides a detailed timeline of Brodie Lee’s illness until his last day Amanda Hoover provides a detailed timeline of Brodie Lee’s illness until his last day

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