Amazing, fascinating sci-fi curiosity

Expectations are difficult, especially when film clips and the internet are involved. Millions of people get images in their heads based on a second-hand synopsis and a two-minute trailer. Then, if the work of art does not follow prejudice, it is considered a failure. Judging from the early mixed ratings of Michael Pearce’s films encounterCritics seem to have put the proverbial cart in front of the horse, hoping for one movie before watching another.

Therefore, reviewer Catch-22 is to leave the story relatively untouched, detailing the fact that the trailer is not a perfectly fair preview of the movie itself. It is enough to say that the trailer is accurate and inaccurate. This movie is a sci-fi thriller, not a sci-fi thriller. My expectation for a movie is that it is understandable and far more understood based on its content. This is the art of conspiracy, infection, delusions, parent-child relationships, and love. More than that is inevitably a spoiler.

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The film begins with biology, immunity, pathological hypnosis, and microscopic ballet. Beautiful and detailed digital images capture a comprehensive sweep of blood-sucking mosquitoes, bitten flesh, moving tiny animals reminiscent of bearworms, and susceptible vasculature. In this super-conscious era of pandemics and vaccines, encounter Since then it may have the most medically disturbing openings Contagion, It is deeply linked to the modern horrors that prevail in all transmissions and illnesses. For many viewers, it must be said that the rest of the movie will simply be disappointed after the promise of this delusional and timely opening section.

Riz Ahmed Plays Malik Khan, a decorated Marine who appears to be one of the last men on a secret mission to save humanity. He lives in a motel and insects are crawling around him. The gun is always nearby while he writes to his two children. No matter what he does, he seems to be more knowledgeable about the imminent apocalypse than the rest of the world and wants to ensure that his two young boys are saved from what comes. I think. Unfortunately, Malik is not a reliable narrator of his own story, and the audience wonders how sane he is on a noble mission, or with the urge to die. increase.

Ahmed is not a vague person-his Emmy award-winning performance Night He constantly questioned whether his character committed murder.of Missing point, He was wondering to the viewer how much he was involved in the kidnapping plan.In his breakout role, dark and cheerful Four Lions, He at the same time portrayed a toxic terrorist and a loving friend. Thus, Ahmed proved that he was a master of contradictions and had two opposite personality traits within himself, much like he was a rap artist and actor. .. encounter It is no exception.

In half of the film, the audience is completely uncertain about how legitimate Malik’s point of view and motives are. The other half of the movie may elaborate on this and reveal more paranoid and conspiracy tendencies in Malik, but whether Malik is genuine about loving his children and protecting them. There is no question about.

The demonic thing about this movie is how the audience is involved in this kind of suspicion. This is one of the very rare mainstream films (and one of the only science fiction films), and all the protagonists are colors that increase Islamic expression. Seemingly racist police demanded Malik to put his hand on the car, suspicious spectators questioned his motives during their expedition, and national police as a whole are united to protect his son. When chasing a Muslim, the viewer’s premises are cross-examined and questioned.

In this sense, this movie will be a very interesting companion to Jeff Nichols’ 2016 movie. Midnight SpecialSimilarly, the estranged father illegally but lovingly takes his son on a sudden expedition, characterized by the presence of a large police force chasing him.The hostility, suspicion, and suspicion of Michael Shannon’s white protagonist in the movie is Riz Ahmed’s. encounter.

In fact, according to director Michael Pierce, the original script was about a white character named Marcus, but fortunately, Ahmed’s presence, along with the state of the world, is the general thrust and feel of the film. Persuaded him to change.probably encounter, If so, it is not about the infection of foreign microorganisms or the invasion of bacteria, rather than the interaction between different cultures and the fear that each person has for others.

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Technically speaking encounter It looks and sounds great. Benjamin Krakun’s shoots capture the emptiness of off-road, California deserts, anonymous motels and diners.Jed Kasel’s score carries the same iconoclasmic mixture of horror and hope he showed in movies like: Aliens: Covenant, Baba Dock, When Slow waistA 41% increase in original content production budget by Amazon Studios is certainly encounterSophisticated, stylish and professional presentation.

Practically, Ahmed nailed the aforementioned contradictions that he is good at, and the child actor (Aditya Gedada, especially Lucian River Chauhan) wants to love his father but is more and more skeptical of his sanity. It is surprisingly effective and natural in our portrayals. If anything, their performance enhances Ahmed and drives him overdrive. As the actor later said in an interview with Deadline, “They say they never work with children and animals, and I thought it was because they couldn’t concentrate-it’s not. Because they are better than you! ”

The most critically admired actor here, Octavia Spencer, is a great paroleist for Malik, but it’s badly underutilized and sadly unnecessary for the story. The same is true for virtually any character outside the scope of Malik’s speed-violating car, including the talented Rory Cochrane. The scene of father-son communication is arguably the most effective in the film and adds to the human depiction of the love and trust of filial piety, but every time the film leaves the Khan family and their bittersweet path. A trip that cannot be maintained in itself.

The most interesting and perhaps relevant questions in the movie are hinted at, but unfortunately underdeveloped- How should society deal with those who have developed intense and crazy conspiracy theories in a tolerant and free democracy??? How much can we even dig deeper into the antisocial rabbit hole and negotiate and understand those who no longer agree with the universally accepted facts about reality? This is a very relevant question in an era of conspiracy theories about Q, allegations of fraudulent elections, fears of political coups, and delusions about global pandemics and government oversight.

Heart and soul encounter Really believes that they are saving children from the alien apocalypse, but in reality they are concerned with the character of an unstable conspiracy theorist like Malik who puts them in serious danger and asks questions. As a result of his completely delusional quest, it seems to be a struggle against this question asking the audience. But by the time the question is properly digested, the film relies on action film metaphors such as shootouts, car chase, and hostage negotiations to answer before a sudden (and still somehow powerful) end. Just flirting.

Nonetheless, emotional resonance remains after the screen darkens, and no matter how hostile and confusing the political and ideological climate is, love, trust, and all of us expand on each other. Remind the viewer that there is a potential benefit of suspicion that can be done. Otherwise, the fate of society is quite severe.

After all, Michael Pierce’s sophomore film is a fascinating yet entertaining frustration, and it’s never what you’d expect. It’s not the science fiction epic that many people envision. It lacks the clear political parables that many wanted. It’s neither big nor small enough. It’s not exciting enough, but you can still succumb to the history of action movies. This is all about his relatively inexperienced piercing, or his last-minute decision to rewrite the protagonist to accommodate Riz Ahmed, or simply Amazon’s uncertainty about how they should sell this movie. It may be due to sex. Frustration can even be completely intentional.

Perhaps, as previously suggested, encounter No compromises allowed, so you have to give up completely No It’s a movie that everyone really wants. Still, in its rebellious and unique way, this makes the film more memorable, whether the memory is positive or negative to the viewer. Focus groups, branding, test marketing, multiple stages of preview, and personalized algorithms designed to create fully labeled content, even if the results are disappointing, modern media will disappoint viewers. It’s really rare to be surprised. encounter It may not be a great movie, but it’s a particularly memorable movie, a beautifully performed, unforgettable time capsule of the chaotic and conspiracy of the 2020s.

Infectious has obtained a philosophical sequel from former director Steven Soderbergh
Infectious has obtained a philosophical sequel from former director Steven Soderbergh

Director Steven Soderbergh is working on something like a sequel to the horribly visionary 2011 thriller Contagion.

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