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Espargaro started 12th on the grid at Rosail on Sunday, but was cautious on the opening lap as he had no experience with the RC213V running in a full fuel tank.

He eventually began to pass through the puck, with his brother Aleix mounted on Aprilia picked by 0.056 seconds on the run to the finish line, finishing eighth.

Espargaro said the front tires were “really damaged” by the time he found his brother on the track, but claimed that being hit by Aprilia was “not important”, despite the time lost on a steady start. , Only 5.9 seconds away from the victory. race.

“I was recovering and overtaking the men in every race,” he said.

“On the second lap, I finished in 12th and 8th, so I had to overtake the guy on almost every lap.

“Then, when I arrived at Alexios, I tried it and the tires were really damaged and the problem was that the brakes were working properly but the front was very bad.

“Then I tried [pass] Straight. If it’s more than half a lap, or a little longer in the middle, I’ll do it.

“But the problem was that I arrived too late in 50ms. [behind] ..

“But I don’t think it’s important. I think it’s important to reach 5.9 seconds. [from the win], The first and second laps are delayed by 3 seconds.

“So this is a good thing. I wanted to be earlier, but it’s a good thing. The results are very interesting.

“It reaches 5.9 seconds, even if it’s very bad at first. [from first]..

“So I’m angry with the result because I was in 8th place. That’s not good. The points are not good. But [picture] Of the race, that day, it’s great. So the next race will go for it. “

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Espargaro said he learned more about Honda in the 20-lap race than he learned through testing and practice in Qatar, and is determined to be able to achieve better results with a strong qualifying performance.

“I think I learned more in that race than I spent on the bike in the tests and weekend races,” he added.

“So the race was very important, I learned a lot. Many of the problems I faced over the weekend were improved by the race.

“So I’m proud of the work we’ve done, but if we still want to reach our title-competitive goals, we can’t be in eighth place in the next race. It needs to be a little higher.

“I think this is difficult, but after the knowledge we have gained, we need a better time attack on Saturday.

“This is very important. If you can do that, you can stay in the first row. I think we can do a good job.”

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“Amazing” Honda MotoGP debut result “angry” Espargaro “Amazing” Honda MotoGP debut result “angry” Espargaro

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