Amazon apologizes for the issue with the PlayStation 5 release date console delivery

Amazon’s UK division has received widespread reports that customers who ordered the PlayStation 5 from retailers during this week’s UK launch had lost their consoles, replaced them with other products, or stolen them. I apologized.

Many customers were disappointed when they opened the box after ordering a console from Amazon and ordering it in time for yesterday’s launch. Items such as air fryer, Coffee machine, Foot massager And in some cases Dog food cans They posted on Twitter with complaints to retailers. In addition to this, there were reports that the delivery driver had completely stolen the console.

Now, in a statement to , an Amazon representative said, “We are all about making our customers happy and not happening in a small part of these orders. I’m really sorry, but accurate. We are investigating. What happened? We contacted all customers who had problems and notified them that they could resolve the problem. If you have any problems with your order, please contact our customer service team. ”

Yesterday, demand for new consoles brought down the UK’s main game retailer’s website for hours and abandoned another store, Currys, requiring retailers to change their plans on the fly, in the UK on PlayStation 5. The release of was bumpy. All sales on their release date.

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