Amazon reportedly cancels The Lord of the Rings MMO

Amazon is reportedly canceling the long-awaited Lord of the Rings MMO game, making it the latest in a list of unpublished projects from tech giants. However, the cancellation of this game seems to be due to a contractual dispute, not a problem in creating something that meets quality standards.

Bloomberg reported on April 17 that the problem occurred after co-developer Leyou Technologies was acquired by Tencent in December. Later, Amazon and Tencent were forced to cancel because they couldn’t agree to continue developing the game, which was co-developed by the internal Amazon team. According to a statement issued by Amazon to Bloomberg, the internal team will move to another project.

Leyou is the same parent company behind Warframe developer Digital Extremes and Gears Tactics Studio Splash Damage. We also own a stake in Certain Affinity, a studio that has extensively worked on support development for the Halo series.

So far, Amazon Games has a very difficult track record of actually shipping games. Multiplayer titles like Breakaway and Crucible have been completely canceled, and the latter hasn’t been released after it was actually released and received serious criticism. The other two projects were also apparently canceled and MMO New World was repeatedly postponed. Will arrive in August.

However, Amazon is still spending a lot of money on another Lord of the Rings project. The first season of the upcoming Lord of the Rings show cost $ 465 million. This is an amazing number of series that are included in Amazon Prime membership for free.

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