AMC Theaters Slams Warner Bros. HBO Max 2021 Movie Release Plan

Adam Aaron, CEO of AMC Theaters, believes Warner Bros. is sacrificing studio, production and filmmaker profitability with the new HBO Max 2021 release plan. -And date the theater and stay on the streaming service for a month. After that month, the movie will be removed from HBO Max, but theatrical releases will continue to appear in theaters like AMC. The company’s CEO today condemned the decision in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter.“Obviously, WarnerMedia intends to sacrifice a significant portion of the profitability of the film studio division and its production partners and filmmakers to subsidize HBO Max startups,” AMC Theaters said. Said Aaron, who is also the president of. “When it comes to AMC, we’ll do our best to prevent Warner from doing so at our expense. We’re actively pursuing the financial conditions to keep our business going.” It is in “Dialogue”. Along with Warner Bros., he also said theater chains are confident that the incoming COVID-19 vaccine will make it easier for movie fans to return to the theater safely and with peace of mind. ..

As Variety reported, Aaron’s statement came on the same day that the theater chain announced that it would sell 200 million shares to raise $ 844 million, resulting in a 17% reduction in shares. ..

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This isn’t the first time AMC is in conflict with a movie studio. After the studio bypassed the Trolls World Tour theatrical release and released it as a video-on-demand movie, it temporarily banned the release of all Universal Pictures in April.

If you haven’t caught the big news on HBO Max today, see how movies like The Matrix 4, Mortal Kombat, and Suicide Squad premiered on HBO Max the same day they debuted in theaters. The news arrives a few weeks after Warner Bros. announces that Wonder Woman 1984 will debut at HBO Max on the same day that it debuts in theaters on Christmas Day.

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