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As the American Men’s Freestyle Olympic Team Trial will take place this weekend, we’ll look at the fields by weight class to lay out the title photos. I focused on the results of the last two years. Lots It can turn into wrestling in a short period of time.

American Men’s Freestyle Olympic Team Trial-97kg

Like 74 kg, this weight has the feeling of a “main event” that accompanies the predicted finals. Olympic champion and four-time world medalist Kyle Snyder is likely to defend the throne from two-time world champion and Olympic bronze medalist Kyle Snyder. Jayden Cox.. Once on track to be the best ever, Snyder has suffered some tough losses in the last few years after his greatest career in 2017. This was a match against a lot of history and their last meeting was back in college. Snyder comes out on top. Many fans support Cox and see Cox as the only escape hope in the world. Abdulrashid Sadulaev..

Top candidate

Kyle Snyder- As the 2019 World Bronze Medalist, he participated in the best two wrestling of the three Olympic teams. After defeating Abdul Rashid Saduraev in 2017 to win the world title, Snyder had a hard time returning to the form. He was pinned to Sadulaev in the 2018 rematch and was unable to advance to the final in 2019 after being angry with the great Sharif Sharifov. He also lost to Rasul Magomedov at Dvorets Sporta Immediately, but returned strongly with gold medals such as defeating Vladislav Baitsaev at Alan in November 2019. Snyder’s share price fell again when it was fixed at Mohammadian Garden in Iran at Matteo Pericone in 2020. Since then, Snyder has been steadfast in opposition to a more comfortable level of opposition. He defeated Saras Perez to gain weight at Pan Ams and defeated Mike Makiavello, Thai Waltz and Gabe Dean in technical fall at all “Pro” events. His move to the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club has not yet been tested on the World or Olympic stages, but he still has to go through Jayden Cox to prove he is a Pound for Pound elite. There is.

Jayden Cox- He participated in the semi-finals as the 2019 World Champion with weights other than the Olympics. At the 2016 Olympics and the 2017 World Championships, J’den Cox was almost perfect after two mistakes that he only got bronze. He weighed up to 92 kg, lost early to Sharif Sharifov in the World Cup and suffered severe defeats to Marsagashvili and Alborov, but then settled down. He cruised for the first world title in 2018, and Pan Am Games and Yasar Dog won another world title in 2019. He faced harsh opposition like three-time world medalist Ali Karimi Machani, but of course 92 kg isn’t as tough as 97. I was able to see many wrestlers in his quarterfinals and semifinals. That’s one factor to consider-Cox needs to tackle two games before getting a shot with Snyder, and he needs to beat him twice.

Remaining fields

Colleen Moore- Certified as runner-up in the 2019 Senior Nationals. 2018U23 World silver medalist Kollin Moore has been a strong player in the last two years. Moore’s striking victory over Kaiben Gaddson led him to the Senior Nationals final, losing to Hayden Zillmer. However, he retaliated for his defeat by defeating Zilmer 3-2 in the RTC Cup in December 2020. Moore also defeated Thai Waltz and dropped a 6-6 reference match to Mike Makiavello. The most striking victory in Moore’s career was the 2021 Matteo Pericone in March. Moore confused three-time world medalist Ali Karimi Machani 3-3 in the final after winning two impressive early rounds. Such growth may mean great for the old back eye. In his first match, he will welcome young Phenom Braxton Amos, and the winners of Waltz and Gaddson. Given his achievements, Moore seems to be preparing for the semi-finals with Jayden Cox.

Hayden Zilmer- Qualification as a 2019 Senior National Champion. Zack Snyder’s long-running runner-up, Cox and Snyder, needs to navigate tougher areas than ever before when redemption opportunities are needed. After losing to Kyle Snyder and finishing third at the Bill Farrell Memorial, he took out Thai Waltz and Colleen Moore on their way to the Senior Nationals title. Since then, Zilmer has won bronze medals in the Intercontinental Cup, Seroperado and Matteo Pericone tournaments. Zilmer’s “professional” circuit experience is limited. He lost 6-1 to Jayden Cox in January, but won a great RTC Cup in December. There he defeated Ty Walz and Mike Macchiavello and lost to Kollin Moore 3-2. Zilmer welcomes Ben Honis in the first match and then wins Machiavello vs. Ferrari on a shot at Jayden Cox.

Michael Macchiavello- Qualification as a silver medalist at the 2019 Bill Farrell Memorial. Machiavello showed a strong run at Farrell, beating Thai Waltz before losing to Kyle Snyder in the final. Macchiavello played a solid tournament at 2019 Alans in Vladikavkaz and eventually lost the bronze medal match. Machiavello’s strongest claim is probably the performance of the RTC Cup in December 2020. There he beat Colleen Moore, lost to Hayden Zilmer and won 3-1. He will welcome a true freshman Ferrari AJ Ferrari from Oklahoma State University in the first round. As one of the few competitors in the field that is likely to rival Ferrari’s raw horsepower, it should be a great match. The winner will face Hayden Zilmer, and if he wins, he will face Jayden Cox.

TyWalz- 3rd place in the 2019 Senior Nationals. Ty Walz has been surprisingly active since 2019, winning Dave Schultz International, participating in Dan Kolov tournaments, winning a silver medal at Medved, a bronze medal at the Intercontinental Cup, and fourth at Bill Farrell Memorial. became. He fell to Hayden Zillmer, but was qualified for trial through the performance of the Senior Nationals, who defeated Jacob Kasper and Kaiben Gaddson. He appeared everywhere in the “professional” scene, losing to Kyle Snyder in December, but took Ben Honis out in February to take revenge on his defeat from the 2019 US Open. He soon played another match against Gaddson, after which he became the winner of Moore and Amos. Gaddson defeated him twice in the 2019 World Team Trial to see if he can get his revenge.

Kyven Gadson- Finished 4th in the 2019 Senior Nationals.Best known Kyle Snyder fixed in NCAA final, Gaddson is stable at the senior level. He was a bit internationally competing and got some decent wins along the way. Domestically, he recently defeated Honis, Waltz and Kasper, and his recent defeat was brought to Moore. If he can take revenge on the loss, he may be looking across from Jayden Cox in the semifinals.

AJ Ferrari- Qualification as the 2021 NCAA Champion. Ferrari’s only international look was the 2018 Cader World Bronze finish, but true freshmen look real. On his way to the title, he put out the world’s fifth-largest Miles Amin (albeit 86 kg) at £ 197 in the NCAA semifinals. Ferrari’s wrestling method is very well translated into freestyle, which will be a great test of his current level. The first round match against Macchiavello sounds like a great time.

Ben Honis- Certified as the 2021 Last Chance Qualifying Champion. Honis got off to a great start with senior-level freestyle. He won top-level competitions like Ty Walz and won Braxton Amos in the Last Chance Qualifying. He meets Hayden Zilmer in the first match.

Braxton Amos- Certified as the true second of the 2021 Last Chance Qualifying. The number one rookie in the country held a solid tournament at the last chance. He defeated several solid senior-level athletes before losing to Ben Honis in the semi-finals. Encouragingly, he fought in 3rd place, then in true 2nd place. He currently hasn’t won a recent victory over anyone in the field, but he has the greatest potential for growth. He will have Colleen Moore in his first match.

Ed pick

I’m going with Jayden Cox. His momentum is undeniable, and in the training room of the Olympic Training Center, the two feel that they are well-matched to each other. Cox is a wrestler with a much higher IQ, which means more exposure works in his favor. Snyder, on the other hand, tends to get worse in rematches. Perhaps due to the size of the Snyder, the Cox is absolutely huge and is as mobile as ever at the 97. His ability to quickly reach the low leg attack and score from an angle fits when Snyder chooses to pull the trigger. His defense is the best in the world. Cox is a wrestler who is very difficult to beat once, not to mention twice. I think Snyder met his match in the country.

What I’m looking forward to seeing is how far Colleen Moore can go.Its victory over Karimi Makiani is huge and it may indicate that we have another World medal threat in our hands with upper weights. The depth is always good. Also, I would like to take a look at AJ Ferrari for senior-level competition. He wrestled with Rocky Elam at the Junior Nationals and destroyed him-impressive in the context of Elam winning some big wins at the Senior Nationals before the tournament. The same is true for Braxton Amos, but I think his level was identified when he lost to Ben Honis.

This weight is one of the most promising, with your fingers crossed to play a Cox-Snyder match and eventually a Cox and Abdulrashid Sadulaev match.

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American Men’s Freestyle Olympic Team Trial-97kg Preview American Men’s Freestyle Olympic Team Trial-97kg Preview

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