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American Trucking Association Cancels National Trucking Driver Championship

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) has canceled the 2021 National Truck Driver Championships and National Step Van Driving Championships for the second consecutive year due to COVID-related issues. The event was planned for August in Minneapolis.

“Our industry beliefs and the spirit of these competitions are’safety first’, and this result reflects that,” explains ATA President and CEO Chris Spear. I will. letter To the members explaining the cancellation.

“Know that we haven’t downplayed this decision. The Super Bowl of Safety hasn’t been canceled until last year since World War II. This is how this current challenge sets a precedent. It’s a proof that it’s not there, “says Spear.

Originally known as the National Track Rodeo, this event, dating back to 1937, gave drivers the opportunity to show their testing skills, knowledge and professionalism at many events. The goal of this program is to create an incentive to drive safely, as professional truck drivers must be accident-free for a year to compete.

ATA is the largest trade association in the industry and has a mission to “provide.” [members] We have the answers, advice and tools you need to grow and support your truck business. Even if the driving competition is stopped, ATA will continue to support the industry at the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) event and promote safety throughout 2021.

TMC 21: Technology & Maintenance Council Spring Meeting

When: April 12-16 and 19-23

Location: Virtual

This event is a comprehensive collection of educational sessions to teach maintenance personnel about cutting-edge technology. The Task Force meets throughout the conference to make recommendations on fleet operational practices.

The topics for safety sessions and courses are:

  • Cab cleanliness: Improved air quality and improved safety by cleaning the surface
  • Shop Talk: Collision and Corrosion Control: Spotlight Recommended Methods
  • Tire and Wheel Shop Talk: Spotlight Recommended Practices
  • Current and future outlook for advanced driver assistance systems

Registration for this event can be found Here..

TMC 21: Technology & Maintenance Council Autumn Meeting

When: September 12-16

Location: Cleveland

The theme of the event is “Mastering the new reality of maintenance”. This includes transportation technology exhibitions and educational classes for fleet managers and drivers. While the sessions and courses were currently being developed, TMC Secretary-General Robert Brasswell explained: release The event will focus on “gathering truck industry leaders to discuss key industry technology and maintenance trends.”

Registration for this event can be found Here..

American Trucking Association Cancels National Trucking Driver Championship American Trucking Association Cancels National Trucking Driver Championship

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