Amnesia: Rebirth Review-Desert Stranding

Hit a match and sneak through the darkness of Amnesia, struggling to find safety in a nightmarish and desolate world.

Amnesia: Rebirth
Developer: Friction game
Price: $ 30
Platform: PC (reviewed), PS4
MonsterVine was provided with a PC code for review.

10 years since its release Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Friction game is back in amnesia Space for a complete in-house sequel Amnesia: Regeneration. You wake up in the Algerian desert without remembering what happened, except that the plane crash stuck her, her husband, and the team they were traveling with. Play as a desert. When you travel in search of others, it doesn’t take long to realize that things were terribly wrong.

A first-person horror game with an emphasis on light and darkness. If you stay in the dark for a long time, you will begin to suffer from hallucinations in the form of a flashing image in the center of the screen. This happened annoyingly often when the game was released, but post-release patches have significantly reduced the frequency of “fear flashes”. Since there is no permanent light source, you need to use match and oil on the lantern to see in the dark. These are limited resources and you can only carry a limited number at a time. The game balances by offering more when you need it most, while making you feel like you’re running out of matches and oil.

Your journey begins in the desert, but the rest takes you into the alien world. However, wherever you are, the general gameplay mechanics are the same. (Don’t think too much about why there are so many matches in other worlds.) In both cases, there are notes that embody the inside story of the game. Desert notes are related to Tashi’s expedition, but other world records give a glimpse of its volatile past. Tashi’s memories also expand the story, whether it returns memories of what happened in the desert or flashes back to her life with her husband and daughter.

Over time, you learn that Tashi has another reason to worry about her current situation: she is pregnant. She often talks to unborn children, and it’s even a game mechanic who concentrates on the child to calm Tashi’s fears. This reduces the feeling of isolation somewhat, but the intent is most likely to create a bond between the player and the fetus. Personally, this didn’t work, but it may be due to a long time suspicious of the rapid progress of pregnancy in horror games. It’s clear that Frictional Games is trying to tell a personal character-driven story here, with an emphasis on Tashi’s feelings and her family. But if you’re more interested in aspects of the cosmic story of things, don’t worry.As the history of the other world becomes clear, it’s still a lot and there are some great callbacks Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

But there’s some really frustrating story, and that’s the process. The most common way to proceed in a story is to be a short distance away from achieving a goal, encounter a setback that impedes progress, need to detour towards the goal, or suffer another setback. Tashi makes you feel more like a reactive hero than an aggressive hero, and as a result, the story suffers.Until I finally realized this journey, I spent hours thinking that the pace of the story was being dragged by these setbacks. is story. Changing the situation around the plot beat would have created a world of difference.

As the game travels through different areas where you are trying to lock you in, you will sometimes come across puzzles that you need to solve … and you often come across monsters that stalk you through the darkness. Let’s go.Friction games made a strange choice not to include traditional game overs Amnesia: RebirthTo reduce the frustration of having to try the same part of the game over and over again. Instead, the monster that catches you drags you to another location in the area. In some cases this hinders progress, in other cases it actually helps. This reduces fear to some extent, but fortunately the game is scary enough to keep running without fear of losing progress. It lacks lasting fear and tension, Amnesia: Rebirth There are some nice and scary sections that stand out beyond everything else in the game.

I tried not to make too many comparisons Amnesia: The Dark Descent In this game. This is mainly because it’s difficult to compare the two, not just because you want to judge by their own benefits rather than comparing the games. They have many common gameplay elements, Rebirth’s A more personal story, a stronger focus on the general story, and the use of desert caves and high-tech alien landscapes give it a completely different feel.Nevertheless, the horror that filled the first game is still strong Amnesia: Regeneration.

The last word
Amnesia: Rebirth stumbles a bit with a story-based approach and specific gameplay choices, but every time he’s dissatisfied with that direction, he waits to remind him that no one is as thrilling as Frictional Games. I had a nightmare encounter.

-MonsterVine Rating: 4 out of 5 stars – good

Amnesia: Rebirth Review – Desert Stranding

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