Among Us App Review: What’s All The Hype About?

Among Us is an online game that can be played in multiplayer mode. It deals with social deduction. The developer and publisher of this game are Innersloth, a game studio that has its origin in America. The game was launched for Android and IOS devices in June 2018 and Windows in November 2018. It features playing on the cross-platform amidst all these platforms.

The game got ported for a platform like Nintendo Switch in December 2020. The release for the Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Series S has been planned to take place in the year 2021. The game got its inspiration from Mafia, which is a party game and The Thing which is a science fiction horror. From us release of the first map, The Skeld many different maps were included in the game. The Airship, which was the fourth map was launched in March 2021.

What makes it so popular?

The game occurs in a setting that is themed as space, in which the players can take every role, and occupy two different roles. Most of the members are crewmates and a number which is determined from before by the Impostors. The Crewmates aim to identify the Impostors, eradicate them and finish the tasks all across the map, the goal of a crewmember is identifying Impostors.

The aim of the Impostors is to covert the sabotage and killing of the different crewmates before the completion of all their tasks. The players can become suspect the Impostors might be eradicated or all the tasks are finished while the Impostors can win. The features are what make this game so popular. So, let us look at the features of this game:

1.    New maps included

You can already find three different maps in the present version of the game. But it definitely won’t hurt if you see a single map or might be more than one. Provided its fame, Inner sloth wouldn’t be way too happy when the game is supposed to end up such as the Fall Guys.

The community has stated that this game has killed the guys. It can be saddening to view this game meet a common destiny. For Prevention of the issue, a new map wouldn’t be hurting so much and it can help you thrive through the game.

2.    New modes

Playing a game in any single mode can become very boring at times. It is a similar traditional process all over. Provided how random the game is, it has several modes for the players. The players can play this game in any mode they wish to. The game is equally exciting in any mode you play.  Download all popular games and apps on APKDyno.

3.    Friend system

There is a friend system in the game which allows you to play the game with your friends. You can choose this option from the menu itself. Playing this game with your friends is immensely fun and you can now easily play it with as many friends as you want.

4.    Free to play

The Among Us game is completely free to play. This is what makes the game so hyped. It can be played free. You don’t have to pay any additional charges to play the game.

What is the game all about

What is the game all about?


The Among Us game is based on social deduction. It is available in the form of both websites as well as applications. The game comprises impostors and crew members. It is an outstanding game that can be played on any device you want. This game is free to play. It can be played in different modes.

How to play this game?

The steps that one must follow to play this game are as follows:

  • Search for the game Among US.
  • Choose if you want to play it directly from the website or the application.
  • If you want to play it in the application, download the application and install it.
  • Once you have downloaded the application of the game, enter all necessary details such as your username, email ID, etc.
  • Choose your desired character
  • Look for the crewmember and impostors
  • Start playing

Henceforth, this game is an outstanding addition to the world of online multiplayer games. You can play it on any device you want. It can be played for free, no matter on which device you are playing the game. You can choose the mode in which you want to play the game. There are many other options in the menu of the game. So if you haven’t yet played this game, go give it a try as soon as possible. You can play this game directly from the website if you don’t want to download the application version.

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