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Among us I really like celebrating events like Halloween, but did you know that the developers did the same at Christmas? Yes, it is. Players can also wear a festive hat on their characters to celebrate the game holidays. Now you must be wondering how to get these Christmas hats, well here’s the way you do it.

How to get a Christmas hat Among us

First, the Christmas hat Among us Play anytime during December and it will be distributed to players for free. Unfortunately, these hats will disappear after the end of December.

At this time, mobile players need to buy these hats from the in-game store. It’s on the main menu of the game, and the Christmas hat comes in a $ 3 bundle.

However, you can use simple tricks on your PC, so you can get your holiday hat for free before December.You need to close it to start getting a Christmas hat Among us Then access the time and date settings in your PC’s general settings. After doing this, change the device date to December 24, 2019.

Once this is done, restart the game and start a private match. When you’re in the pre-lobby of the hosted game, go to your laptop. You should see multiple tabs. If you don’t see it yet[帽子]Please click on the. Once in the hat tab, you should be greeted with all the festive hats.

You can choose from a total of 8 types of Christmas hats. These include Santa’s hat, elf ears, and even a small snowman. Now you’re ready to spread the Christmas cheers, just put on your hat and discuss who the in-game scammers are.

Among Us | How to Get Christmas Hats

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