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Hello everyone! We’re happy to talk about today’s endless dungeons, the return of Amplitude Studios to the acclaimed Endless Universe, and our next move into the roguelike genre. We may be best known for turn-based strategy games, but many of us like roguelikes and dungeon crawlers, so we’re excited to be back in the new roguelike tactical action games.

Wrecked at the abandoned space station of an ancient powerful endless civilization, your only hope is to uncover the secrets of this place. Dive deeper into the center of this cursed place, form a team of heroes, protect the crystals from the endless waves of monsters … or (probably inevitably) die and return to where you started. Death is not. It ends here.

But it’s always best to prepare. So what can you expect to find in an endless dungeon?

A brand new story of the infinite universe

The infinite universe is full of mysteries, but only one thing you really care about is left behind at this station. What keeps you in this station and brings you back to life? Many stories this place and the people here have to tell, you don’t like to get stuck for decades like some of them …

Tactical team building exercises

You’re not the only one who wants to get out of here, so collect your belongings from a roster of colorful characters and this time make sure your combined skills are enough to reach the center of the station. Please give me. Switch heroes on the fly in single player or work with your friends to face endless threats.

Dangerous exploration at your own pace

You may need a break when almost all of the stations are trying to kill you. So please take a break. Look around. Planning and preparation. Then kick down the door next door so that another monster wave hits you in a claw and shooting frenzy until you alone or they stay standing. (The door is so sturdy that we don’t really recommend kicking it …)

Solid defense

You may not know what this crystal is, but you know it is essential for your survival and your escape. It’s needed to unlock the doors and power the system at this station so that it can eventually leave, but all these creatures around want it. Fortunately, you have the freedom to use various turrets and other auto-defense features, so you can bring one or two additional guns into the showdown at any time.

Wait a minute! Crashed into the ruins of an ancient pioneering empire? A mysterious crystal that drives their incredible technology? A turret to fend off the endless waves of enemies that make it virtually impossible to escape? All of these are very familiar to fans of the Endless Universe and remind us of our first adventure into the roguelike genre of Dungeon of the Endless.

Endless Dungeon’s spiritual ancestors came from an idea that started at one of our community events, something like a joke. A small team of developers assembled the prototype. We knew there was something special about the Roguelike Tower Defense Dungeon Crawler. It’s a vehicle as wild as a genre description bite. Still, I didn’t expect it to get the attention of the fans. A passionate community is growing rapidly.

We learned a lot from making that game, the feedback our community gave us, and the story they told about their best moments with it. So we put it back on the drawing board and built a whole new experience with the same spirit. He emphasized direct control of action and a great multiplayer experience, with the same focus on tactical combat, wave-based defense, and exploration. !! !!

Amplitude Studios return to Roguelites with Endless Dungeon

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