AMPTP must offer IATSE-worthy offers until October 18.

Last week, the International Alliance of Theatrical Film and Theater Labor Union (IATSE) approves a strike if their leadership fails to reach an agreement with the Film and Television Producers Alliance (AMPTP) on more humane working hours and increased living wages. I resolved that. Well, they look like they’re heading for the picket line, and Hollywood is starting to prepare for that contingency.

Covered IATSE requirements And why the day-to-day workers that make up the union need these changes before the vote goes into effect. In the short version, the endless crunch time of shooting your favorite TV shows, streaming series, and movies literally puts the health and safety of behind-the-scenes workers at risk. Twelve-hour days are standard, but it’s very common for these to be 14-17-hour days, and the mechanics of the schedule tend to mean that the crew even loses the weekend.

This involves another “new media” (ie Netflix, Hulu, etc.) who wants to stick to the original decades ago contract with IATSE, which pays less to its members and does not fully cover its pensions. There are sides. Medical bills. It makes sense when those platforms weren’t established, but it’s hard to argue that they aren’t the dominant force in modern movie content.

Production addresses the threat of strikes in the worst possible way

If the crew approves the strike (With a whopping 98% vote in favor of strike approval), The producer rejoined the negotiations. However, According to IATSE President Matthew D. LoebThe negotiations do not “reflect a sense of urgency” on the part of the producer and are on the verge of a strike.

Not all IATSE members will be on Monday if there are no transactions on the weekends. If so, it has a picket sign in hand instead of a boom mic and gaffer tape.

Hollywood is prepared for this, and in many cases they do so in the worst possible way. I’ve heard from IATSE sources that they’re rescheduling last minute to film the weekend and doing as much as they can before the strike to ensure that most productions shut down.This was recently confirmed by IATSE’s official Twitter account..

This is an ironic move by the industry, given that all the reasons the crew is willing to go out and strike are due to insane time.

Not only the project you are currently shooting will shut down

Variety has several stories detailing how different areas of the industry are preparing. One is about Extra obligations that writers have to bear The Writer Assistant (IATSE) must strike. It breaks down many organizational things, such as keeping your notes, making sure everyone in the show has the latest pages / latest scripts, and so on. This is something that can slow down production if you remove the assistant from the equation.

Another story How networks and streamers are affected.. I think this is pretty interesting. In particular, Variety is optimistic that both sides will reach an agreement before the strike begins at 12:01 PT on Monday, October 18. IATSE.

He also said that in the event of a strike, it may be necessary to suspend the show currently in production, such as Netflix’s new season “Cobra Kai.” They emphasize that if that happens, it’s not a big deal, as the established streaming services are already waiting for a lot of wrapping out.

I don’t think this is completely accurate. The IATSE is aimed at a wide variety of film workers, including editors. If you have a strike and it is long, you will see a show that is not 100% completely finished in the face of delays. That may mean that something like the new season of “Stranger Things” will be delayed even after shooting.

All the signs I’ve gotten so far are that a strike will occur. That said, AMPTP can always succumb to the IATSE crew’s demands over the weekend, avoiding a shutdown.

The IATSE is backed by almost all Hollywood unions, and they work in solidarity with them, increasing pressure on AMPTP. Let’s see what happens on Monday.

AMPTP must offer IATSE-worthy offers until October 18.

https://www.slashfilm.com/634843/the-amptp-has-until-october-18-to-make-iatse-an-offer-they-deserve-or-else-they-strike/ AMPTP must offer IATSE-worthy offers until October 18.

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