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Alistair Smout

London: Fully vaccinated people, including asymptomatic people, a large British coronavirus prevalence study found on Wednesday, are at about 50-60 risk of infection with delta coronavirus variants. % Decreased.

Imperial College London Researchers said that those who reported receiving two vaccinations tested positive for COVID-19, adjusting for other factors such as age, regardless of whether they had symptoms of COVID-19. The chance of becoming was half.

Focusing on people with COVID-19 symptoms, efficacy increased to about 59%, according to a study covering the period during which the delta mutant completely replaced the previously predominant alpha mutant.

Estimates that did not analyze vaccine efficacy are Public Health England for Pfizer And a shot of AstraZeneca.

This is because researchers consider that PHE estimates are based on people who are symptomatic and tested, whereas imperial studies are designed to pick up more people. He said it was neither surprising nor worrisome.

“We are examining the efficacy against infection in a random sample of the general population, including asymptomatic individuals,” the study’s leading imperial epidemiologist Paul Elliott told reporters that the study showed symptoms. He added that even the person who had it may not have it. Otherwise I took the test.

“Again, it’s a group of different people.”

The study found that the previously weakened link between infectious diseases and hospitalization began to converge again. This is consistent with the spread of the delta among young people who may not be fully vaccinated.

PHE states that vaccines provide excellent protection against serious illness, but Delta has a high risk of hospitalization.

Researchers found that the overall prevalence of unvaccinated people was 1.21%, three times the prevalence of 0.40% of fully vaccinated people, and the viral load of people with COVID. Also said that the number of people who were vaccinated was lower.

Young people

Researchers have published the latest findings from the Imperial REACT-1 Prevalence Survey. This showed that infections quadrupled in a month, reaching 1 in 160 in the UK.

The latest survey, conducted between June 24 and July 12, covers the time prior to the peak infection reported daily on July 17, and this increase is driven by the spread of young people. I found that it was done.

Empire professor Steven Riley said that ages 5-24 make up 50% of all infectious diseases, even though only 25% of the population.

Schools are currently closed due to summer vacation, and cases have fallen from their peak despite legal coronavirus restrictions ending on July 19.

“We have shown that young people were causing infections before the recent decline,” Riley told reporters.

“These data support the idea that indoor mixing increased due to infection patterns that we saw uncertain about what would happen in September when the school returned and promoted growth. I am. ”

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