An eternal review bombed to express “awakened culture”

Eternals Is almost here, and in less than a week, fans around the world have the opportunity to check out this long-awaited addition to the MCU. Since its early screening, the film has received similar praise from critics and lucky fans for its unique story, ensemble cast, and setting of the bigger ones that appear on the MCU.

Despite this praise, the movie’s IMDB score is for LGBTQIA + community movie representatives as a review bomber who has never seen the movie head to the site leaving a 1-star review. , Was quickly destroyed early today.

Many of these negative reviews appear to have been triggered by the inclusion of Marvel’s first openly gay superhero Fasts, portrayed by Brian Tree Henry. Many have simply blamed the “awakened culture.”

A swarm of review bombers claims that the inclusion of this phrase was done to “check all Hollywood awakening boxes” or to evaluate a “awakened mediocre” culture.These reviews were captured by TheDirect Before being unloaded.

Given that, as mentioned earlier, these reviewers haven’t seen the movie yet and IMBD quickly removed the bitter reviews from their page. Before they were removed, the site had over 450 1-star reviews, and the overall rating of the movie dropped to 6.0.

User rating Eternals It has been off for some time and may be returned to the release date so that legitimate fans can share their thoughts on the movie.

An eternal review bombed to express “awakened culture”

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/eternals-review-bombed-for-representing-woke-culture/ An eternal review bombed to express “awakened culture”

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