An immortal version of Assassin’s Creed’s leap of faith is like a panicked plunge

There is a moment at the beginning of Immortal phoenix sizingA new open world adventure from the developers of Assassin’s Creed OdysseyI feel like the newly trained hero Phoenix will be a complete assassin. She climbs huge heights, surveys the land, and prepares to gracefully leap to the ground. Without flare and screaming, she would have done it too.

I didn’t know how interesting it was Immortal phoenix sizing Until you actually play it. I thought it was another cookie cutter Ubisoft open world adventure, but it has a heart and humor. The adventures of Phoenix are told by Prometheus and Zeus and move violently like their old friends. And Phoenix himself (or himself depending on your character’s choice)? She may be a little stupid too. It’s a bold idiot, but it’s still a idiot.

This game is perfect for setting up a gag this fall. The first Fenyx learns to fight. Then she has to climb the giant statue of Hermes, the Greek god that appears later in the game. Next, she essentially needs to synchronize her surroundings. Assassin’s Creed Reveals style, part of the world map.At that point I was completely ready Phoenix sizing The skin looks like an arcade cartoon. But not. to see.

Phoenix is ​​certainly not another stoic professional murderer who manages to dive hundreds of feet into a small mountain of hay. She is a real person who is rethinking about jumping at the right time a few seconds after jumping. Ubisoft Quebec, you got me. well done.

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