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One of the most detailed and top quality articles I’ve read over the years, Athletic Katie Strand Arizona Coyote franchise-like disasters, including ownership and management issues, internal turmoil, litigation, unpaid invoices, contract breaches, dubious commerce, sexual harassment allegations, and other issues that only suggest coyotes. Probably one of the biggest failed experiments in sports history.

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Strang details the change of ownership and the precursors to a new era of coyote organizations. The weeks and months since Alex Meruelo’s purchase in July 2019 haven’t been a blessing. Realizing that he had a broad business background, he worked on running the team to run the casinos, radio stations, pizzerias and other businesses he owned and operated.

Meruelo inherited, apparently a much worse franchise issue, and was published or published, but Strang wrote:

The acquisition of Coyote by Merero should have ushered in a new era for the team. Instead, people within the organization and throughout the NHL are wondering if the league made a mistake in approving his purchase.

New leadership teams under Merlot’s supervision include the Merlot groups Luis Armona and Armand de Brignac. Both have been scrutinized with very little spending. Also, explosions from the top of the organization were not uncommon, and vendors were fooled by money as they eroded team relationships with corporate partners, vendors, and suppliers.

Strang specifically describes when at least eight vendors are called in and threatened or scared to accept lower payments on unpaid balances and the work is paid after agreeing to the payment. .. One vendor said it felt that this was a strategy that Coyote had implemented hundreds of times and that they knew exactly what they were doing.

Players and prospects have not been paid contracts, long-time employees have not been paid or have been unfairly dismissed, and there are countless stories of unpaid debt.

Of course, there was news that former GM John Chayka had left the ugly organization, but under the new GM Bill Armstrong, who was appointed as Chayka’s successor in September, the situation is so good. It doesn’t seem to be. Strang said Armstrong actually threatened her when emails, daily schedules, and other files were “stolen from her computer.” As many of The Athletic’s fellow writers have pointed out, Armstrong did not clearly understand who he was trying to intimidate.

“Several employees contact the NHL about workplace issues, document their experiences, and in some cases ask for help,” Strang said.

Not even the beginning of a coyote organizational problem

In addition to the already publicized failures, Coyote illegally tests players on the NHL Combine and drafts Mitchell Miller (the team has relinquished rights) and a mental performance consultant, as well as key decision makers or scouts. Included in Meeting — January will have issues such as sexual harassment issues, financial reporting discrepancies, and monetary appropriation issues. Many are being investigated by law firm Seyfarth Shaw.

CEO and President Xavier Gutierrez and General Manager Bill Armstrong welcome Shane Doan back to the team

On February 11, Coyote terminated its contract with Steve Sullivan, a former assistant general manager and hockey operations EVP. The team will not fill the position of vacant assistant general manager this season, but Sullivan lawyer Stacy Gabriel said he would submit a request for arbitration to the commissioner’s office.

Gabriel writes:

“It is our position that the coyote broke the contract. He has an employment contract and they have breached that contract. We will seek relief through the arbitration process.”

The funny thing about this story is that there is more to it than mentioned here. Strang’s report is spectacular. This is a must read and well worth the subscription cost of the publication.

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An incredible article details the absolute turmoil of the Arizona Coyote An incredible article details the absolute turmoil of the Arizona Coyote

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