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Former Indian captain Bishan Singh Bedi said India is like the rest of the world, while relinquishing membership in Delhi and the District Cricket Association and asking him to remove his name from the stand at Ferrozshire Kotra Stadium. I lamented that I didn’t respect the athletes.

Almost every great venue in the world somehow honors a prominent athlete. However, in India, cricket stadiums are named after everyone except cricket players, and a few stadiums are named after other sports heroes.


9-Number of stadiums named after the former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.. Eight of them (New Delhi, Chennai, Coach, Indole, Guwahati, Margao, Pune and Ghaziabad) host national and international cricket matches.

3– Number of arenas named after Indira Gandhi (Guwahati, New Delhi, Vijayawada) And Rajiv Gandhi (Hyderabad, Dehradun, Kochi).

-When India hosted the 2017 Soccer World Cup under the age of 17, four of the six venues used were named after the Nehru Gandhi family. Nehru Stadium in Kochi, Delhi and Margao, and Indira Gandhi Stadium in Guwahati. One of three stadiums named after the former Prime Minister.

-A life-sized portrait of Rajiv Gandhi wearing cricket gear is hung at the entrance to the stadium, named after the former Prime Minister of Hyderabad.

2-Number of sites named after Atal Bihari Vajpayee (Nadaun and Lucknownow) and Sardar Patel (Valsad and Ahmedabad), respectively.

-The name of Ferrozshire Kotora Stadium in New Delhi has been changed Arun Jetley Last year’s stadium.

-The EMS stadium in Calicut, home to the I-League Gokram Kerala, which hosted the 1987 Nehru Cup, is named after the Communist Party leader and the first Prime Minister of Kerala, EMS Nambo Dilipad.

On October 3, 2010, the 19th Commonwealth Games made a colorful start at the capital city of Java Harlar Nehru Stadium. (Express file)


Four– The number of stadiums that got their name from the cricket manager. MA Chidambalam in Chennai, Chinna Swami in Bangalore, IS Bindra in Mohari, and Wankede Stadium in Mumbai are named after the former president who bears the name of the cricket board.

Other personalities

-There is a stadium linked to the British Indian Empire. The iconic Eden Garden is named after the sisters of former Indian Governor-General Auckland, Emily and Fanny Eden. Meanwhile, Mumbai’s Brabourne Stadium is named after Sir Brabourne, then Governor of Bombay.

2– Number of venues named after music masters: Bupenhazarika Cricket Stadium in Gwahati and Delhi’s multipurpose Shagaraja Stadium dedicated to Karnataka composer Tyagaraja.

1-Number of stadiums named by executives: Keenan Stadium in Jamshedpur, named after John Lauren Skinan, former general manager of Tata Steel.


0-Number of cricket stadiums named after cricket players.

-However, there are two cricket grounds that honor the legend of hockey. Lucknow’s KD Shin “Bab” Stadium and Gwariel’s Captain Loop Shin Stadium. Sachin Tendulkar Became the first cricket player to record a second century in ODI.

2-Number of hockey stadiums in New Delhi and Lucknow, named after Major Diyanchand.

1-The number of soccer stadiums named after soccer players, Bai Chun Stadium in Namuchi, Sikkim.

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An Indian stadium named after politicians, officials and musicians … everyone except cricketers An Indian stadium named after politicians, officials and musicians … everyone except cricketers

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