An interesting and entertaining sequel will please this Thanksgiving

The Croods for the first time Return to the theater with a more interesting and entertaining sequel. Croods: A new era CGI’s prehistoric family is looking for a new home. They find another family living in a glorious paradise, but soon learn that everyone is unwelcome with their arms outstretched. Each character gets a moment of spotlight with a healthy dose of comedy at the same time. There are some running gags that get amazingly better as the movie progresses. At this Thanksgiving, adults and children alike will get the necessary injections of mild-mannered humor.

Croods: A new era In the past, it begins with a montage of how Guy (Ryan Reynolds) lost his parents. Despite the complaints of Gulag (Nicolas Cage), he is now the beloved member of the family, The Croods for the first time Desperately look for their “tomorrow” home. Journey is a dangerous journey, and all kinds of creatures attack on a whim. Danger brings them closer, especially Guy and Epe (Emma Stone). Their fast-growing romance leads to the idea that couples start their packs.

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Gulag discovers a wealth of utopia hidden behind a huge defensive barrier. The Croods for the first time Fill their faces, dance, and rejoice. When they meet the inhabitants, joy turns into shock.Bettermans, Phil (Peter Dinklage), Hope (Leslie Mann), and Their daughter, Dawn (Kelly Marie Tran) is a sophisticated prehistoric family with a sense of superiority. Phil and Hope are fed up with their dirty, stinky, and rude cave brothers. They see a bright spot on a guy who is perfect for a lonely daughter. As Ugga (Catherine Keener) wields Betterman’s sneaky bristles, Grug and Phil find a common rationale for separating Eep from Guy.

Croods: A new era It does a great job of keeping you laughing. There is no downbeat in this movie. Whether it’s a sight gig or a script, there’s always something stupid that makes you laugh. The Croods for the first time Trying to fit into Betterman’s modern and upscale lifestyle Knockdown is interesting. Due to the social disparity between the two households, Uga and Epe found that the “people in the cave” were insulting. The disdainful behavior of Phil and Hope is a stealth lesson in class discrimination. The Croods for the first time Show Betterman that just because you know how to flush the toilet doesn’t mean you’re a better person.

The· Romance between Eep and Guy It is processed in a thoughtful way. When Guy embraces the Betterman lifestyle, Epe feels worthless. This movie addresses the issue of low self-esteem without being preached. It’s also refreshing that Eep and Dawn are not enemies. Dawn is desperate for friendship. At Eep, she found her best friend to get out of her shell. Croods: A new era You never stop in suffering.

Supporting characters make up the majority of laughter. Thunk (Clark Duke) and Gran (Chloris Leachman) steal the show. Thunk’s weak heart is blown to the Smithereens by the standard features of Betterman’s tree house. It is a mechanism that never gets old. Gran also has the surprise of kicking some ass in her arsenal. She brings both families together at a cheerful climax.The filmmaker Spread the wealth of comedy..

Croods: A new era It’s a significant improvement over the first movie. It’s better to write with a more complex story and great new characters. The family intends to devour this sequel on Turkish day. Devo frontman Mark Mothersbaugh nods to his uplifting score and soundtrack. Croods: A new era It is a work of DreamWorks Animation.This movie has a major theatrical release from Universal Pictures November 25.

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An interesting and entertaining sequel will please this Thanksgiving

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