An unforgettable true story at the heart of St. Mode

After a brief prologue, “Saint Maud” reveals that Katie / Maud is a devout Roman Catholic who is the private nurse of queer dancer and choreographer Amanda Köhl (Jennifer Ehle) who died of stage 4 lymphoma. I made it. But when Maud comes to believe that God wants her to save Amanda’s soul, it leads her to the path of self-harm and suffering, culminating in another flashback revealing the horrifying truth. The patient from the opening of the movie was an old man in mode who was doing CPR when she accidentally opened a wound on his chest, crushed his organs and spattered her with blood.

As she explained to Vulture, this scenario wasn’t created by Glass with her imagination. It all started when a “friend of a friend, a nurse” performed CPR on an old man who suffered cardiac arrest just by making an incision in his torso after undergoing “major chest surgery.” Suddenly it opened and her hands entered his upper body and crushed his organs. Glass allowed nurses to include these details in the movie, ensuring they enjoyed “Saint Maud” and “what we show is probably much more than the way we should have actually seen it.” I’m sick. The actual medical stuff is pretty f *. ** It’s intense. “

An unforgettable true story at the heart of St. Mode

https://www.slashfilm.com/677110/the-haunting-true-story-at-the-heart-of-saint-maud/ An unforgettable true story at the heart of St. Mode

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