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Dear Howdy, I’m Toby Ragaini, Content Director of Proletariat, the developer of Spellbreak. Spellbreak is a competitive, free third-person spellcasting game that unleashes powerful magic when competing for supremacy with other players. With the launch of The Spellstorm, the first chapter of Spellbreak, I wanted to introduce you to the fantastic and fictional world of games.

The area now known as Hollowland was once the peaceful and prosperous area of ​​Bernor, known as the Highlands. The five kingdoms home to the Five Hand Alliance have come together and vowed to protect and protect each other for the benefit of the people. However, such unity came at a cost.

The vows, once vague and priestly commanders who believed that magic was destructive and ultimately destructive, ban all spells from being cast by the rulers of the alliance. I persuaded you. Initially there was some resistance to this, but Vowkeepers succeeded in winning the hearts and minds of the people. Over the years, a few who continued to use magic in secret were considered disgraceful vowers, criminals, and heathens, without respecting the sacredness of human life. Literally the world.

Fracture is a huge explosion of very powerful magical energy that has destroyed the Highlands. A huge rift opened and waves of magical energy penetrated miles in all directions. The effects of this energy were unpredictable and inconsistent. Many organisms died instantly, but others appeared unaffected. Curiously, some objects were affected in a subtle way … they seemed to go against the very structure of space and time itself.

If the fracture was the only event, the strong people in the highlands would have recovered and continued their lives. But sadly this wasn’t the case. For reasons not yet understood, the fracture preceded another more deadly disaster.

A giant cyclone of destructive magical energy, the Spellstorm descended into the highlands shortly after its destruction, but survived little thereafter. Creatures trapped in the wrath of the spell storm eventually succumb to their energy effects, leaving only dust.

Banehelm, Bogmore, Dustpool, and even the mighty Halcyon have all been devastated. In less than a day, the idyllic highlands were once uninhabitable and the ruins became known as hollow lands.

Few survivors fled to the relatively safe place of Longwatch, the only kingdom that survived. The spell storm did not spread to the mountains and valleys of this isolated area. This may explain the remedy. The Longwatch is the military center of the Five Hand Alliance and currently houses a crowded and uneasy refugee community.

Their future is hanging on a thread, and the people of Bernor are desperate to rescue. Can a messy group of malicious Vowbreakers solve the mystery of Spellstorm? Check out today’s update, Chapter 1: Spell Storm.

Spellbreak’s Chapter 1 update is live today, featuring the mysterious Spellstorm

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