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Except for one fatal error in the decision, Jorodon played a great match against Liverpool. This is a bit similar, With the exception of the iceberg, the Titanic’s maiden voyage was an unprecedented success... However, it is important to understand what Jose said after the match. It wasn’t sympathy.

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Pass accuracy 96%

As you know, my backline player expected the ball to pass with extraordinary accuracy, and Rodon’s pass was immeasurable.

Losing the ball was another big problem for defenders, and Joe lost the ball four times against Liverpool. In context, Joe lost the ball 13 times against Sheffield United and 7 times in half of himself.


Earn 74% of duels

Joe also won many duels. Dier (13) or higher, Doherty (12) or higher, Davies (16) or higher.

Error that helped Liverpool’s third goal It simply cannot happen, they are unacceptable at this level. The concentration level of too many Spurs players is disastrous. Therefore, Rodon can be a quality signature if it can be left switched on. If not, you have a homemade Davinson Sanchez.

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Analysis | Tottenham’s Titanic Defender Watering Can Analysis | Tottenham’s Titanic Defender Watering Can

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