Analysts claim that the Xbox Series S was Black Friday’s most popular console.

Analysts claim that the Xbox Series S was the most popular console on Black Friday.

This holiday is a fierce competition for those who are trying to buy a console. The PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Nintendo Switch OLED have all been released in the past year, and this Christmas seems to be the first time most consumers have access to it. According to analyst data, there was one clear winner during Black Friday.

As reported by VGC and discovered by Business Insider, the data was collected by the Adobe Digital Economy Index, analyzed over 1 trillion visits to retailers, and attracted 1,000 customers for some of the items purchased. I investigated. According to this data, the Xbox Series S was the best-selling console at the event. This is important given the number of consoles I bought that day in preparation for Christmas.

There are several main reasons why the Xbox Series S outperformed the Series X, PS5, and Switch OLEDs. For starters, it’s the cheapest console of all them for $ 300, making it a smarter purchase than the $ 500 priced PS5 and Series X. Given the all-digital nature of the Xbox Game Pass and console, it’s a good deal considering that you may not need to buy games with it.

The most important factor is that the Xbox Series S is the only console out of the box. Both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X have been out of stock since their launch last year, and you just get new units at random. On the other hand, the Xbox Series S doesn’t seem to be sold out and can be purchased even after a lot of it has been sold on Black Friday.

Xbox also has much more powerful holiday-only products such as Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5. One of them is a free multiplayer mode where the internet is thriving. With all this in mind, it’s not surprising that it could be the biggest seller of holidays.

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