Analysts predict which consoles will sell best in 2021

It’s the beginning of the new year, and with that in mind, voted for many video game analysts and asked for predictions for next year’s games.

One of the analysts surveyed was Mat Piscatella of The NPD Group. One of his predictions is that the Nintendo Switch will sell the most units in the United States in 2021, rather than the new, more powerful PS5 or Xbox Series X | S consoles.

“Despite the launch of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles, it will be the Nintendo Switch that will sell most units of console hardware in 2021,” said Piscatella.

Rumors are swirling that Nintendo may release a more powerful “pro” variant of Nintendo Switch. Whether that happens or not, Piscatella said he sees a bright future for Switch in 2021.

“I will go one step further and propose [the Switch having a big sales year in 2021] It will be driven by content and promotion efforts, not the release of a new iterative model. “

The full text of is packed with interesting and informative insights from Piscatella and other analysts at various companies. Please read.

The final numbers aren’t yet available, but the switch is expected to sell more units than the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S in 2020. We know for sure when NPD will release December 2020 and full US sales data. The year of January 15th.

In other Nintendo news, the company announced that it will acquire long-time partners such as Next Level Games and the studio behind Luigi’s Mansion 3.

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