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Anambra Poll: Why PDPs Haven’t Voted Yet-INEC

Why the party has not yet participated in the internal debate in Anambra’s Democratic Party for the People (PDP) and the court’s involvement in deciding the actual candidates for the November 6, 2021 governor’s election in Anambra. Is said to be. Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Ballot.

Festus Okoe, INEC’s National Commissioner and Chairman of the Information Voter Board of Education, said in an interview on Channels Television that the name of the candidate for governor uploaded to the committee’s portal was the court. He said it was because it was different from the name confirmed by.

Okoye who was clarifying the next problem INEC On Thursday, it released a revised list of candidates for the governor’s election, saying the Court of Appeals ruled that the Commission should not publish the names of PDP candidates until the proceedings were decided.

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Recall that on July 19, the Anambra High Court ordered INEC to recognize Ugochukuuba as a party candidate for Valentine Ojigubo, a priority candidate for the party’s National Working Committee.

However, he said the PDP would be added to the candidate list after the proceedings were decided by the Court of Appeals.

“In relation to PDP, PDP as a party uploaded the name and personal information of a particular candidate to our nomination portal, which was the candidate whose name was published by the Commission,” he said. rice field.

“There was then another court ruling ordering and directing the PDP as a party to submit the name of another candidate as a party candidate,” he added.

According to him, “PDP did not submit the name of that particular individual, so unless the PDP submits the name of that individual, the name cannot be published.

“The issue was then brought to the Court of Appeals, which approved an accelerated hearing on issues relating to the PDP and its candidates, and then requested INEC not to publish the names of the candidates pending until the final. Decision on the matter in the Court of Appeals. “

Mr Okoye said politicians are seeking favorable court decisions regarding the court decisions received by the Commission in the upcoming elections.

“What’s happening is called” forum shopping “in legal terms. That is, people who are looking for a place to make favorable decisions, “he said.

“For example, for an Anambra-based party, some go to Bauchi, some go to Jigawa, some go to Imo, and some go elsewhere to see where they are. Some people look for it. You can make a lucrative decision.

“It is important for the judiciary to intervene in what is happening. If these multiple conflicting court orders are carried over to the 2023 general election, it will have widespread consequences for our election process. “

Recall that senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN) Godi Uwazruike recently accused “forum shopping” and described this trend as unfortunate.

Uwazruike argued that politicians in the Anambra election would be accused of going to the Bauchi High Court, the Imo High Court, the Jigawa High Court, the Ukuwa High Court, and other courts that play the truth.

“If school refusal is about the Anambra election, what are the businesses such as Ukuwa, Burnin Kudu, Owerri, Bauchi? He wondered.

The elder politician who learned expressed optimism that legal acrobatics would not prevent Anambra voters from doing the right thing on election day.

He states: “Anambra has a unique governor election system. In Anambra, voters are very smart. You can’t deceive them. I respect them and keep an eye on what’s happening. I’m sure. I would like to advise them to be consistent, “shining their eyes,” as you’ve always been, or as you’re told on the street. “

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Anambra Poll: Why PDPs Haven’t Voted Yet-INEC Anambra Poll: Why PDPs Haven’t Voted Yet-INEC

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