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Return to ASX on December 9th after integration / split

On September 30, 2020, Dockyard announced that it has entered into a merger certificate and share sale certificate with Ansalad to facilitate the Company’s offer to acquire 100% of Ansalad, along with related funding.

If you change the name to Unsalad, the group will “A global provider of cloud-based SaaS information governance solutions. The Group’s platform provides end-to-end documentation and process management to support critical decisions and events throughout the organization’s lifecycle... “

It competes in Information Governance Software Market, … included: Enterprise Governance Risk and Compliance (EGRC) provides workflow, collaboration, security, and analytics tools for organizations to apply to key GRC areas such as policies, risks, incidents, audits, and compliance.And Transaction management..

M / C raised $ 130 million and raised $ 45 million for $ 1.48.
Corporate Value / Proforma FY20 Revenue …. 3.2x
How have you been going since the IPO?


AND-Unsalad Group | Australian Equity Forum AND-Unsalad Group | Australian Equity Forum

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