AndaSeat Dark Demon Gaming Chair Review –

I’m not going to stick to the reason behind it, but it’s a fact of 2020 that many of us are aware that we spend more time at home in front of computer monitors. The shortage of big home office furniture in the summer diminished in folklore along with toilet paper stampede, when I couldn’t find my favorite coffee brand in the supermarket. One of the unexpected consequences of switching to telecommuting was that many of the setups proved unsuitable for long sessions. I couldn’t take my laptop to a local cafe to work and left using the same tattered old Ikea chair for work and gaming purposes. Therefore, I jumped at the chance to replace this charity shop pickup with a suitable gaming chair. So how is the Andaseat Jungle series shaped? Take a seat-probably not as comfortable as I-and I’ll tell you more.

It is the size and weight of this chair that will definitely hit you first. My 9 year old son came in a box big enough to sleep (his choice, I want to add) and the first obstacle was to get it home! Fortunately, my PC is on the ground floor, so I didn’t have to set up a pulley or rope system to operate it. There may be a cartoon exaggeration here, but I was certainly surprised at how sturdy this unit was. Its weight leads to a sturdy chair that can support even larger gamers with loads of up to 22 stones.

As is often the case, the chair was tightly packed into separate parts and needed to be assembled. As we became more aware of reducing unnecessary waste, the packaging was sufficient without excess. The assembly procedure was clear and well laid out, with no evidence of translation problems that often plague international products. All that was needed to assemble was two sealed hex wrenches, and the bolts were pre-installed rather than loosely packed. This meant that they had to be removed in order to use them, but decisively revealed where they needed to go back. This was really helpful.

Assembling a chair was a (almost) frustrating experience. The only problem was my lack of concentration and I ended up mounting the chair mechanism upside down, despite the obvious label pointing to the front. There is no explanation for the basic mistake, but this was easy to fix. I managed the build solo, but it’s possible because holding the backrest and seat together for bolting required considerable strength and adjustment, as well as lifting the entire unit at the end. If so, I recommend a helper.

The seat itself is nicely constructed, especially given the reasonable retail prices. The steel framework, 5-star aluminum base and PVC leather material are all durable and durable, making this chair a temporary solution. The high quality memory foam cushions are as comfortable as you’d expect, with removable lumber and neck support pillows for added comfort. My only problem with these is fighting and setting up the cat so that it stays in place.

As you would expect from a gaming chair, the design is heavily influenced by science fiction media, and leaning against a generous back feels like a real space fleet captain. Older chairs are awkward because the armrests are too low for normal typing and gaming postures, so Andaseat’s adjustable rests give all users additional typing and gaming support. .. In addition, the 90-160 degree tilt mechanism makes it easy to switch from an upright working mode to a more relaxed game or movie watching. I’m not sure if I want to take advantage of 160 degree full sleep mode, but there are always options.


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