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James Big I saw the return of Extreme MMA As a starting point for his own career comeback, but Andre Fialho I had something to say about it.

The promotion, which hosted seven events in Canada between 2007 and 2009, took place on Saturday at the Palm Beach Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, more than a decade later. For the first time in the United States, XMMA brought a card full of familiar names. Ultimate Fighting Championship, Bellator MMA And other top-tier promotions aren’t as familiar as Vic, a former UFC lightweight candidate.

At the welterweight main event XMMA 8, Vic takes on Bellator,
Profighters League veteran Andre Fialho.. The Texecutioner represents a redemption opportunity for both men as Fialho has been skid three games since leaving the UFC in late 2019 for four consecutive losses. Vic, who was five inches tall and had a slight reach advantage, seemed to have won a close victory in the first round, with Fialho rocking him in the left loop about 90 seconds after the round to get the mouthpiece right. He wouldn’t get it back.Fialho stalked the injured Texan and landed more than 20 more punches (including at least half a dozen flash uppercuts on the chin) before the referee.
Andrew Glen The fight was shaken off for TKO standing at 2:21 in Round 2. While the fight was stopped, Vic bleeded heavily from his mouth and nose and soon lay down on the canvas, accompanied by a cageside doctor. ..

With a malicious finish, Fialho (11-4) snaps the aforementioned three battles in a row, winning the biggest win of his career, at least in terms of name value. Vic (13-6) lost three in the first round, four in KO or TKO, a total of five.

“Cisco” Rivera punches out Lily

39-year-old UFC veteran fighting for the first time in almost five years Francisco Rivera Faced Ryan Lily
In a £ 140 catchweight match at the joint main event. Lily stepped up in a hurry while both men were habitual bantamweight, missing even a £ 5 catchweight.
de facto Featherweight match. When the battle began, Rivera put some pressure on her, moved forward, and stabbed Lily with a combination of low kicks and punches. Lily, who was swinging and trying to pull Rivera into the slugfest, quickly got tired. In the second half of Round 1, Rivera threw a punch at Lily’s body and attached a right hook to her ear, causing the Californians to hit the canvas. Rivera jumped in with more punches, but referee Russ Greenberg was already in a hurry to stop the fight. The official finish took place at 4:03 and Rivera (12-7, 1 NC) was back on track after a slide of three games that finished the UFC in 2016. Lily, who has been inactive since November 2019, falls to 10. -7.

Bokhnyak lasts longer than Uruguay

The first fight since leaving the UFC in October 2019 with three consecutive losses, Kyle Bochniak accept Cairosha Uruguay, a featherweight attraction that has become the best battle of the night. Bohunyak’s patience made a difference in the fast-paced front-back battles that took place almost entirely at his feet. He was ahead of the flagging Uruguay after getting worse in the enthusiastic first round. After awakening 15 minutes, Bokhnyak won with a unanimous 29-28 score. Victory puts the “crash” (9-5) back on the road to victory, perhaps bringing a rethink from top-class promotions, but Uruguay (7-4) lost three straight games. All in Florida and the other two are under the Titan FC flag.

Curtis finishes Stewart late

Chris Curtis Putting his miserable 2019 PFL run further on Saturday’s rear view when he dragged with the UFC Dana White Contender Series Veterinarian Kyle Stewart Go deep into the sea with their middleweight main card battle. Both fighters seemed to believe that the clash would result in Curtis boxing against Stewart’s wider skill set, and that worked. The first round was competitive, but with Curtis’ improved takedown defense, Stewart spent a lot of energy trying to bring the fight to the floor. By the end of the second round, Stewart seemed completely exhausted, wandering around his rubbery legs as Curtis quietly circled and touched him one-on-two with the jab. Stewart came out in the game for the final round, but there was nothing left in the tank. Curtis landed some clean, straight left hands that shook MMA lab products, but caught him unnoticed and first sent it to the canvas with his right hand. No follow-up required, TKO officially came at 1:41 in Round 3. Curtis (23-8) has won two consecutive victories since his defeat at the end of the season. Ray Cooper III In the 2019 PFL playoffs; Stewart (13-4) sees his modest two-game streak over.

Gorum chokes Hebert

Former UFC Heavyweight in the main card opener Marcelo Gorum Simply too big, too much experience, too skillful
Brandon Hebert.. But Hebert, a nearly four-to-one underdog, made it interesting and could come back later in the first round and steal the round from the Brazilians. Golm’s strategy of choking the striker with a clinch and takedown worked for most of the round, but Hebert shacked him off later in the round and managed to stab him with a big punch combination. .. However, the second round was all Gorum. Hebert, who had never passed the first round as a pro, came out looking tired. Gorum easily secured a takedown, assembled a triangle choke on his arm, stepped over and finished. Hebert tapped instantly, and referee Glenn released him from the fight in 1 minute and 17 seconds. 28-year-old Gorum (8-3) has won two consecutive losses in three consecutive losses since leaving the UFC. Hebert, who turned professional within two years, falls to 2-2.

Qualifying: Kyle Noblit drives Jack May crazy

In the featured preliminary match, Jack May
Dropped split decision on Glory MMA & Fitness export Kyle Noblit.. May, 39, a seasoned veteran of more than 12 promotions including the UFC, Bellator and PFL, was expected to defeat Novrit, who stepped up with a one-day notice to face him. However, Noblit took full advantage of his opportunity and used excellent wrestling to repeatedly ground from May 6th to 8th. After three rounds, Noblitt won with scores of 30-27, 30-27 and 28-29. The 31-year-old will move to 12-2 as a professional, but in May it will be 11-7 in one no contest.

In other preliminary actions, a former Olympic wrestler Mahmood Seby Forge Ground and pounding Jarrell Marie If TKO wins 1:52 in Round 1 in a welterweight match. Tyler Ray Put
Austin Jones In just 1 minute and 45 seconds of their welterweight match, they were completely out with a triangle choke.And Charlie Ratke Wrestled Gerald Castillo On the way to a unanimous decision with a lightweight opener.

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Andre Fialho brutals James Bick with XMMA headliner Andre Fialho brutals James Bick with XMMA headliner

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